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Nintendo Fixes the Duping Glitch in Tears of the Kingdom



TOTK: Nintendo fixes the Duping Glitch

Tears of the Kingdom’s new patch 1.2.0 is live right now which came out a couple of days ago and the developers have made numerous changes to the game that most people would find appealing. A lot of bugs were fixed that kept players from progressing in several quests as well as a major duping bug has been fixed which would not be good news for the specific type of players of the game. The duping bug allows players to duplicate the items in their inventory by using different techniques that allow them to narrow their grind for certain items in the game and progress in the game without taking detours.

Duping Glitches Fixed in Tears of the Kingdom Patch 1.2.0

The Duping Glitches were mainly found by the Speedrunners, who intend to complete the game as quickly as they can by any means. Meaning, they would be using any glitch at their disposal to get to a certain location or to get a number of items they need for their run. A lot of players learn the duplicating method from the Speedrunners which mainly brings down the grinding aspect of the game to get items. Well, it has been going on for about 3 months and Nintendo finally had enough because the casual players were not happy with what other players are doing with ease.

With Patch 1.2.0, Nintendo cracks down on all of the duplicating glitches that players were using to duplicate the items. All of the duplicating glitch that was in the previous patch 1.1.2 has been fixed which means players will no longer be able to do Shock Emitter Glitch, Frozen Meat Dupe Glitch, Fuse Entanglement, Autobuild, and many more. All of them seem to be fixed in the latest patch and now the game runs fine. But now, we can only wait to see what new glitches that players find to exploit the items.

Patch Notes of Ver. 1.2.0

The complete patch notes of ver. 1.2.0 is the following.

General Updates

  • By starting the game from within certain articles released on a specific Switch News channel (accessed via the HOME Menu) players can receive a number of in-game items.
  • Depending on the state of gameplay progression or the location in which the data is reopened, there may be cases in which the items cannot be received.

Additional Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where players could not progress beyond a certain point in the main quests “A Mystery in the Depths” and “Secret of the Ring Ruins”, the side adventures “Hateno Village Research Lab” and “Lurelin Village Restoration Project”, the shrine quest “Dyeing to Find It”, and the side quests “Village Attacked by Pirates”, “The Incomplete Stable”, and “Seeking the Pirate Hideout”. Downloading the update will allow players to proceed past that point.
  • Fixed an issue preventing fairies from appearing under certain conditions when they originally should have appeared.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the meals provided by Kiana of Lurelin Village from changing under certain conditions.
  • Several issues have been addressed to improve the gameplay experience.

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