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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Unlock Ancient Robot | Secret Companion



Disney Dreamlight Valley - Ancient Robot

A Rift in Time DLC of Disney Dreamlight Valley introduces three new critters for the players to feed and befriend to make them companions. Still, secretly they have also put another companion in the expansion for players to unlock named Ancient Robot. As the name suggests, it is an Old Robot lost in time in the Eternity Isle that players can summon as a companion to roam around with it.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to unlock the Ancient Robot in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Unlock the Ancient Robot in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The main requirement for unlocking the Ancient Robot is the ownership of the A Rift in Time DLC. Only players with the expansion will be able to travel to the Eternity Isle where they will get to unlock the Ancient Robot. Once players have the expansion and made their way to the Eternity Isle, they would have to progress in the main Expansion Quests to unlock the Royal Hourglass Tool.

Upon unlocking the Royal Hourglass Tool, players need to upgrade it to Level 3 which can only be done on Timebending Table using a currency called Mist. The upgrades of the Hourglass are mentioned below.

  • Royal Hourglass Level 1 Upgrade – Cost: 5,000 Mist
  • Royal Hourglass Level 2 Upgrade – Cost: 10,000 Mist
  • Royal Hourglass Level 3 Upgrade – Cost: 15,000 Mist

Once players have upgraded the Royal Hourglass tool to Level 3, they will unlock the crafting recipe for the Ancient Robot at the Timebending Table under the ‘Special’ category requiring the following materials to make the craft.

All of these materials are hidden treasures that can only be found using the Hourglass tool in both Eternity Isle and Dreamlight Valley. After grinding for the materials, go to the Timebending Table and select the recipe to craft it using the gathered materials.

How to Summon the Ancient Robot

Upon crafting the Ancient Robot, select the Companions tab under the wardrobe section to find the Ancient Robot. Select the Ancient Robot from the list of companions to summon the Ancient Robot. Unlike other companions that you befriend by feeding, Ancient Robot does not eat anything. It is already your companion and you will be able to pet it by interacting with it.

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