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Dutch authorities recognize loot boxes in FIFA as gambling – if they are not disabled, EA faces a fine



EA Goes To Appeal FIFA Loot Box Decision In Netherlands

According to local media, the Dutch regulator Ksa previously considered loot boxes in FIFA simulators an illegal form of gambling, and therefore proposed to apply a fine of 250 thousand euros per week to EA.

If the company refuses to comply, the fine will eventually increase to 5 million euros for each week.

EA tried to challenge the decision in court, but, according to media reports, on October 29, the judge refused the company. Now it must disable FIFA loot boxes in the country within three weeks, otherwise a fine will follow.

In this case, the penalty will be imposed on both EA and its division EA Swiss Sarl, responsible for sales, thereby doubling the amount.

This is not EA’s first trial with regulators and the court regarding loot boxes. For example, a class-action lawsuit was previously filed against the company in Canada, and the UK authorities have been collecting complaints for some time and are considering recognizing loot boxes as gambling.

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