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Dying Light 2: Day and night cycle



Dying Light 2: Day and night cycle

The day and night cycle in Dying Light 2 will play a huge role in the gameplay. The creators will force us to plan our activities because we will not always get to the place of interest to us at the time that accompanies us at this moment.

During the day, the game world will be circulated mainly by bandits and hungry hordes of zombies just waiting for our mistake. In the case of the latter, they will not be as aggressive as the infected who come out of their burrows only after dark, but if we let them trap them, we must take into account serious damage to health. You have to be careful mainly in closed buildings because some units rest there. This is equivalent to making it harder to access epic items.

The above-mentioned locations (sources of loot or deserted, unmarked shops) become “deserted” when the night comes, which allows us to get well-hidden items after dark. As one developer mentioned, the land is lava at this time of the day. Outside, there are infected who will have no problem catching up with us, so it is recommended to stay on the roofs and perform all kinds of acrobatics. Especially when on our way we meet a “screamer” who can summon other “mini-bosses” to our place of stay.

The night is an important part of the game that is made difficult not only by the infected but also by a biomarker that measures the level of infection. In DL2 everyone is infected and the more we try, the more often we are in critical situations, the more we have to be careful about our health.

While visiting Villedor, you will be accompanied by the clock on the bottom right side of the screen all the time. Remember that from 8:00 to 19:00 there is a day when powerful enemies stay in specific buildings (most often those marked on the map as lootable locations). The sun begins to set at 7 pm and this is the best time to return to base. On the other hand, from 7:30 p.m., the night gradually begins, which means that almost all the opponents go outside.

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