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Dying Light 2- Unlock fast travel and locations of all subway stations



Dying Light 2 - Night Runners (kill or spare Hakon)

In a large open world like the one in Dying Light 2, there are of course different types of fast travel. However, you have to walk a long way before you discover the subway stations. We’ll show you when you can unlock fast travel and where the locations of all subway stations in the city are.

Unlock fast travel – that’s how long you have to play

Even if you find one of the subway stations early in the first part of town (Old Villedor), you will find that you cannot fast travel yet. That’s because this feature only unlocks once you reach the second part of town.

As part of the main quest, you meet a woman named Lawan and you have to help her with a first quest in the new area – this happens about halfway through the game. If you can move freely in the second part of the city (central ring), you have automatically unlocked fast travel. In addition to the underground stations, you can also fast travel to the main train station in Quarry End, for example. This is how you get to the first part of the city if you haven’t unlocked any of the subways yet.

Locations of all subway stations

During your trip, you have certainly discovered and marked one or the other subway station with your binoculars. If you hover over a subway on the map and the “Activity is locked”, you must first continue the main quest before you can activate this fast travel point.

In general, you must turn on the power inside a Metro for it to become available for fast travel. You should get down on the subway at night so there aren’t that many zombies romping around there. Also take some stimulants with you, because down here your immunity will suffer badly.

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