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Dying Light 2- Sidequest “The Rose Garden”: location of the glasshouse



Dying Light 2- Sidequest "The Rose Garden": location of the glasshouse

In the side quest “The Rose Garden” you have to find the glasshouse in order to present a rose to an old lady. As a reward, you will receive a rare katana, which is why you should definitely complete this side mission. We show you the location of the glasshouse in Dying Light 2.

Start side quest “The Rose Garden”.

The quest giver for “The Rose Garden” is called Peter and can be found in Quarry End, the southern part of Old Villedor, which is the first town you enter in Dying Light 2. The following image shows you where to start the side quest “The Rose Garden” :

Find the glass house and present the rose

If you have started the side quest and are following it through the diary, a quest area will be marked in the southern Quarry End. Once you reach it, you need to find the glasshouse where the old lady Peter is telling you about lives.

Being at the back of a house, the glasshouse is not that easy to find. Below you can see the location of the glasshouse on the map:

Get the Bad Girl Artifact Sword

Enter the glasshouse via the roof and interact with the skeleton in the chair. Now return to Peter to complete The Rose Garden and receive your reward. It’s a quite powerful two-handed artifact sword called Bad Girl.

This slashing weapon is similar to a katana and features three mod slots. When Stamina and Health are low, the damage you deal with Bad Girl increases. The durability of the weapon is comparatively high at 250.

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