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Dying Light 2- Weapon Mods: Repair, Enhance, Increase Durability



Let no safe in Dying Light 2 resist you: How to open them easily

Weapon mods in Dying Light 2 also offer you the opportunity to improve your war tools or to provide them with useful effects. If you want to repair weapons, you can also do that with mods. We describe everything about the modifications in detail here.

Unlock weapon mods

In order to be able to equip weapons with mods, you must complete the side quest “The Spark of Invention” . You start this mission on your first visit to the city’s bazaar. Help Carlos turn on the electricity in the front yard of the Bazaar and talk to him afterward. By the way, you will find the power box a few meters to the left of the main entrance. As a reward, you unlock the mods and can improve weapons from now on.

Buy blueprints and modify weapons

Before you can upgrade weapons, you must purchase or unlock blueprints. Check out the dealers regularly, who always offer new mod designs. Then open the menu and switch to the “Inventory” tab. You can see whether a weapon can be modified in the tile on the right by the small circles that represent mod slots. In general, the rarer a weapon, the more mod slots are available to you (maximum three).

If you want to equip mods, press the C button (PC), triangle (PlayStation), or Y (Xbox). Then select and attach a mod for the appropriate slot if you have the required crafting parts. You can also use the “Upgrade” tab to improve designs from merchants who sell you designs. In exchange for resources, you increase the effectiveness of weapon mods.

Repair weapons and increase durability

As you have probably already noticed, you can no longer repair weapons in a classic way. Sooner or later, every weapon will be so badly damaged that it will disintegrate and disappear from your inventory. However, there is a trick you can use to repair weapons or increase their durability.

For each mod you attach to a weapon, its durability increases by +50. So it’s worth using a weapon without mods first and only adding them when the durability is correspondingly low. However, you cannot use weapon mods to increase the maximum durability value. If it is 240 out of 250 and you attach a mod, the durability will only fill up to the maximum value of 250 and not beyond.

Nevertheless, you can repair damaged weapons in this way and use them a little longer. This is extremely worthwhile, especially for artifact weapons (a highest rarity), which usually have three mod slots. Because if a weapon is destroyed, you can never use it again.

Also useful is the Mod “gain” . If you equip a weapon with this mod, it loses less durability with each hit. You can upgrade this mod until it grants -100% durability cost. Completely indestructible weapons are thus not.

Remove mods – is that even possible?

Caution: If you have equipped a weapon with a mod, you can no longer remove it later. This prevents you from being able to use the +50 durability infinitely often on your favorite weapon. You should also think carefully beforehand about the type of modification you put on the weapon.

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