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Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes – How to Defeat Golem Pulverizer



Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes – How to Defeat Golem Pulverizer

Progressing through the opening mission of the game to find the Primal Lens inside the Runebarrows will require players to go through the Wooden Forest where they will get to defeat the first boss, Forest Eater. As players enter the Runebarrows to look for Primal Lens, they will get to encounter another main boss named Golem Pulverizer.

This guide will help you how to defeat Golem Pulverizer in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes.

How to Defeat Golem Pulverizer in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

The Golem Pulverizer is a three-phased boss fight that progresses with cutscenes as you deal damage to Golem in each phase. Players will encounter Golem on seeing the Primal Lens in the Runebarrows while controlling only Nowa and Seign.

1st Phase

The first phase of the fight will only let you control Nowa and Seign as the other party members aren’t available. For this phase, the Golem will do two attacks, Fist Punch and Sweep. The Fist Punch only targets a single character while Sweep targets both of the characters, and both of these attacks do up to 20 damage.

To complete this phase, start off with the basic attack for both of the characters in the first turn, then in the second turn use the Hero Combo. It will most likely start a cutscene moving you on to the second phase in which all of the other characters will come for your help.

2nd Phase

In the second phase, you will be able to utilize the complete strength of all the characters using their Rune Attacks. Use the Rune Lens of all the characters and if you want to heal a character that is low from the previous phase, use a Healing Herb item. Make sure to use the Water Veil rune attack of Hildi to boost allies’ defense to take less damage in the next three turns.

Execute the first turn and continue with the same strategy. Keep on using the normal attacks and Rune Lens of the character throughout the next series of turns to deal damage to Golem. Again, if your character gets hurt, don’t forget to use the Healing Herb item on them or you can use the healing ability of Hildi.

3rd Phase

The third phase starts with Golem getting powered up by the Primal Lens. It will add Destruction Ray attack at Golem’s disposal which he will use after Locking-On to certain targets. Right after the cutscene, you will also get a brief tutorial on Gimmick attacks.

NOTE: Gimmick Attacks are basically to put your party members into cover to avoid getting hit by a powerful attack from the enemy.

As the fight continues, play the first turn as you normally do and when Golem scans the area with a red light (Lock On), remember the targets it marks. Now, immediately put those targets into the cover by selecting Gimmick and use the normal attacks for the rest of the party. Once the targeted characters have dodged the Destruction Ray attack, you can continue using the normal attacks and Rune Attacks for all of the characters.

That is pretty much it for this boss fight and keep in mind that it does use the Sweep attack in this phase as well so keep an eye on your party members’ HP to provide them with healing whenever needed.

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