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Enshrouded: How to Craft Storage Chest



Enshrouded - Storage Chest

Exploring the realm of Embervale will let you gather various resources that are crucial for crafting all essential items for survival but carrying all of the various resources can easily max out your inventory. To tackle the problem of filled inventory, the earliest and most efficient solution that you must seek is crafting a storage chest. All of the essential resources that you don’t require for your next quest can be stored in the chest allowing you to gather unique resources on your journey.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to craft a storage chest in Enshrouded.

How to Craft Storage Chest in Enshrouded

The earliest storage chest that players can craft in Enshrouded is a Tiny Chest that can only be crafted on Workbench. Unlike other starting items and tools, players must first build and place the workbench within the vicinity of Flame Altar to craft the storage chest.

The recipe for Storage Chest is unlocked automatically after building the workbench as all the required materials for Tiny Chest are used for making the workbench. To be more precise, the following resources are needed to craft a single Tiny Chest.

The string is obtained by crafting using Fiber which is obtained from harvesting the plants and bushes which also drop Twigs. So, harvesting the plants and bushes will net you all the required resources. Once you have gathered the required resources, go and interact with the workbench to find the Storage under the Survival section. Select the Tiny Chest and press the Spacebar to craft it.

After that, select the Tiny Chest from your inventory and place it down to start storing the essential and valuable items in it. As the Tiny Chest is the first storage chest, it only offers 16 slots of storage but you can make multiple Tiny Chests to have a large storage space at your base.

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