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Fae Farm: How to Craft and Place Stone Forge



Fae Farm: Stone Forge

There are various crafting stations that players will get to make as they progress through the game and gather exotic minerals and resources. One of the crucial crafting stations in Fae Farm is the Stone Forge which is used to craft various kinds of Metal Ingots that can be used as a material for crafting various items as well as upgrading the tools to higher levels.  

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to craft Stone Forge in Fae Farm.

How to Craft Stone Forge in Fae Farm

To craft the Stone Forge in Fae Farm, players will first have to unlock its recipe. The recipe for the Stone Forge is earned from Cleo the Adventurer after completing the Dungeon Delver quest. Players will be able to complete this quest for Cleo, once they have progressed enough in the main quests of the game. After unlocking the recipe, players will be able to view the required resources for the Stone Forge in the Build Catalog of the Construction Mode. The required resources to craft the Stone Forge are the following.

Stone is easy to mine from the simple rock deposits which can be found throughout the areas of the Azoria. However, to get the Coal, players will have to enter the Saltwater Mines dungeon. Once players have obtained the required resources for the Stone Forge, they will be able to build it by selecting from the Crafting Tab in the Build Catalog of the Construction Mode. Players will have to construct it in the Farm area due to a small space inside the house.

After making the Stone Forge, players will be able to interact with it and craft various Metal Ingots by providing the required materials for each Ingot recipe.

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