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Fae Farm: How to Get the Key for Saltwater Mines



Fae Farm: Key to Saltwater Mines

Saltwater Mines is one of the Dungeons that players can explore in the World of Azoria but the mines will be locked away from the public for unknown reasons. The gate of the Saltwater Mines will have a lock on it which players will have to open with the key to get access to the Saltwater Mines and discover the secrets of the mines.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get the key for Saltwater Mines in Fae Farm.

How to Get the Key for Saltwater Mines in Fae Farm

The Saltwater Mines is located on the Southeast side of the town and if players go to the location, they will require a key to enter the dungeon. To get the Key to Saltwater Mines, players will have to complete the “Preparing for the Mines” quest for Cleo. Cleo is a Premier Adventurer of Azoria and if players talk to Cleo, she will agree with players to give them the key but on a condition. She will ask players to get the following things for exploring the mines.

  • Prepare and Collect 5x Food Items
  • Purchase a Healing Potion from Vera

You can cook any 5 food items on your Cooking Fire cooking station and collect them to complete the first request. The easiest recipes to cook at the Cooking Fire are Grilled Greens and Broiled Shellfish. For the second request, you will have to go to Vera which can be found in her Healing Store in the East Town location. Go inside her store and interact with her to buy the Healing Potion for 50 Florins.

Once you have completed both of the requests, meet Cleo at the Beach to get the Key to the Saltwater Mines. Simply, make your way to the east side from the beach location to reach the Saltwater Mines. When you reach the door of the Saltwater Mines, the door will unlock automatically and you will be able to enter the mines.

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