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Fae Farm: How to Get Clay



Fae Farm: Clay

There are various resources that players will get to gather in Fae Farm as they explore different areas of the World of Azoria. The resources are used frequently in many crafting recipes and one of the useful resources that players will have to get to make various crafting stations and furniture items is Clay.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Clay in Fae Farm.

How to Get Clay in Fae Farm

Players can obtain the Clay from the following two methods in Fae Farm.

  • Digging
  • Mining

Both of the activities require at least Starter Tools which players will get early in the game. To get the Clay from the Digging Activity, players will have to dig the Dirt Patches and Sand Patches found in various areas of the Azoria with a Starter Shovel. Digging the Dirt Patches will get players Silt and Clay while digging the Sand Patches will get players Sand and Clay. Digging each Dirt Patch or Sand Patch will earn players 1 Clay and it is a great way to get Clay early in the game.

However, the second method and the best method to get Clay is by mining the Clay Deposits. The Clay Deposits can only be found in the dungeons and one of the first dungeons that players will get to visit is the Saltwater Mines dungeon. The Saltwater Mines dungeon will be closed and players will have to get a key for the dungeon to unlock it. Once players have got access to the dungeon, they will be able to find tons of Clay Deposits on every level of Saltwater Mines along with other mineable deposits.

To mine the Clay Deposits, players will need to have at least a Starter Pickaxe. Interact with the Clay Deposits to mine them and each deposit will drop 2x Clay. If you want to farm Clay for crafting item recipes then it is the best place and method to get Clay in high numbers.

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