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Fae Farm: How to Get the Magical Staff



Fae Farm: Magical Staff

The Magical Staff is one of the earliest weapons of the game that players will have to get to progress further into the story of the game. With the Magical Staff, players will be able to remove the Thorns allowing them to access blocked areas of the map and cast magical spells to take out the enemies.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get the Magical Staff in Fae Farm.

How to Get the Magical Staff in Fae Farm

To get the Magical Staff, players will have to complete two initial quests for Alaric. Alaric is a young magician in Azoria and players will be able to meet him after progressing through the first chapter of the game. After completing the first chapter, players will unlock the “Meeting Magic With Magic” quest for which players will have to talk to Alaric at the East Town location. Go in the east direction from the Homestead to reach the East Town and meet Alaric outside his house to redeem the quest.

Players will be required to get Mussel from the beach. Make a Broiled Shellfish recipe and deliver it to Alaric so that he can have the strength to make the Magical Staff. By completing this quest, players will get the Opening the Paths quest in which they will have to wait for the next day. Simply pass the time by catching critters or farming and sleep at night to begin the next day. As players wake up the next day, they will get the Magical Staff.

The Magical Staff can be equipped by pressing the LB/RB Button on the controller and can be used by pressing the X Button (XBOX) or Right-Click (PC).

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