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Starfield: How to Make Storage Chests on Your Outposts



Starfield: How to Make Storage Chests on Your Outposts

Building your outposts can help you accumulate resources more efficiently in less time compared to venturing out to mine them manually on each planet. With your Extractors operational on your outposts, you have nothing to worry about except for storing the resources extracted by your extractors. While you do place separate storage for each extractor to store the resources, these storage units can fill up quickly, necessitating the construction of additional storage chests to facilitate the transfer of resources and maintain a steady flow of farming.

If you want to learn how to make Storage Chests on your Outposts in Starfield, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will assist you in creating storage chests on your outposts in Starfield.

How to Make Storage Chests on Your Outposts

Having a few storage chests can significantly benefit you, not only for storing resources needed for various crafting stations to craft other items or mods but also for storing your general loot and managing your character’s carrying capacity. Instead of storing items in the Ship’s Storage, it’s preferable to store them in the storage chests on your outposts. To create Storage Chests on your outposts, follow these steps:

  1. Interact with the Outpost Beacon to enter Build Mode.
  2. Navigate to the Decorations Tab to locate the Storage Crate item.
  3. Move around to find a suitable location to place the Storage Crate and press the A button (XBOX) or the E button (PC) to construct the Storage Crate.

Building the Storage Crate incurs resource costs, similar to any other item or structure. Constructing 1x Storage Crate requires 2x Aluminum and 4x Structural, so ensure you have the necessary resources to create the Storage Crates on your outposts.

Starfield: How to Make Storage Chests on Your Outposts

You can modify the appearance of the Storage Crates by pressing the respective action buttons, but all variants store the same quantity of items and incur the same resource costs to build.

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