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Fae Farm: How to Upgrade the Critter Net



Fae Farm: Upgrade the Critter Net

The Critter Net is one of the tools that is specifically used for the Bug Catching activity. It is not included in the starting tools of the game and players will have to get the Critter Net separately by talking to Mel. Once players have got the Critter Net, they will be able to catch various critters around the town and areas. However, the critters found in mountain areas cannot be caught until players upgrade the Critter Net.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to upgrade the Critter Net in Fae Farm.

How to Upgrade the Critter Net in Fae Farm

The Critter Net is the basic bug net that Mel will give you pretty early in the game which will help you catch frogs, bugs, crabs, and snails. It will allow you to catch most of the required bugs that are required for earlier quests as well as make you a decent amount of Florins by selling them. As you make progress in the game and unlock other regions, you will have to upgrade the Critter Net to catch critters in those regions.

To upgrade the Critter Net in Fae Farm, you will have to talk to Mel. You can find Mel in the West Town area near his house. Talk to Mel to visit his Shop to view the upgrades for the Critter Net. There are 3 different upgrades for the Critter Net in Fae Farm that Mel will offer.

  • Sturdy Critter Net – Requires 1,000 Florins, Critter Catching Level 3, and (Basic) Critter Net.
    • It will allow you to catch Fae Critters.
  • Advanced Critter Net – Requires 2,500 Florins, Critter Catching Level 5, and Sturdy Critter Net.
    • It will allow you to catch Mountain Critters.
  • Master Critter Net – Requires 5,000 Florins, Critter Catching Level 7, and Advanced Critter Net.

The critical requirement for upgrading the Critter Net is the Critter Catching Level which is increased by catching critters. If you manage to catch different kinds of critters for the first time, you will get a bonus XP, and catching the same kinds of critter will give you the base XP but it is important that you keep catching the Critters until you reach the required Level to get the upgrades.

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