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Far Cry 6: How to Get Depleted Uranium



Far Cry 6: How to Get Depleted Uranium

The Far Cry series has always featured light progression mechanics, and the latest game in the series is no exception. In addition to improving Dani Rojas’ skills throughout your adventure, you will also buy new weapons and weapon upgrades. In some cases, the latter requires a special resource scattered throughout the open world. Here’s how to get Depleted Uranium in Far Cry 6.

The first time you encounter depleted uranium occurs on Tutorial Island, where you explore Fort Quito. Once you collect it, you will eventually learn from Juan Cortez why this resource will be invaluable in the fight against El Presidente, Anton Castillo, and their militia.

How to get depleted uranium in Far Cry 6

Depleted uranium is found mainly in anti-aircraft emplacements, stored in yellow boxes. To harvest it, it is not necessary to destroy the antiaircraft weapon itself, but it makes it easier to access the box if you have dealt with all the enemies first; the detonation of the cannon will alert them normally.

As mentioned above, Depleted Uranium can be used to acquire new Supreme and Resolve weapons from Juan’s office or Juan’s arms dealers.

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