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Far Cry 6: Is there an achievement and difficulty trophy? Answered



Far Cry 6: Is there an achievement and difficulty trophy? Answered

As with any trophy/achievement hunter, the important thing is how long a particular list can take to complete. While Far Cry has never been a series about more than ticking off achievements from a list, you need to prepare for the Curved Balls. We are here to answer if there is a difficulty achievement and a trophy in Far Cry 6.

Difficulty level and trophy in Far Cry 6

Despite preparing these curveballs, no, there are no difficulties or trophy achievements in Far Cry 6 that you need to watch out for while looking for that delicious 100% completion (and / or the Platinum Trophy).

However, that does not mean that you will have a good journey through the game. Over time, the Far Cry series has gotten more and more substantial with what you’re given when it comes to achievements and trophies.

At Nintendosmash, we’ve got you covered when it comes to the list of achievements and trophies, and you can find it here.

While it’s not exactly the hardest trophy possible, there’s only one achievement and one trophy that might upset those of you who don’t get the game for co-op. The Co-Dependent Trophy requires you to “Capture an FND Base with a Co-op Partner.” This can be tricky as the game has no matchmaking feature, so you need to know someone else with the game in order to get it.

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