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Change New World Server: Free Transfer Coming This Week – All Info



Change New World Server: Free Transfer Coming This Week - All Info

Are you waiting for the character transfer in New World? The free server switch should be activated this week. We’ll show you everything we know about the feature.

What is it about? In the first few days after New World was released, the game struggled with endless lines. To counteract the problem, many more servers were opened. So that you can still play together with your friends soon, New World treats you to free server transfers for your character.

The feature should be activated in the next few days and you can switch servers for free. We’ll update this article regularly with the latest information about the feature.

Server change in New World by October 10th

This is what Amazon says: In the patch notes for New World from October 6th, the team writes that the feature for the server change should be activated this week.

Individual elements should be able to be seen today immediately after the patch. However, the function will not be released until the server transfer is fully developed. So the team writes:

We implemented the basics for character server transfer, and you can see elements of that work in the in-game shop. We are continuing to work on this feature and will have more information on how the system works later this week when we post server transfers.

So when is the server change coming? Amazon says that the server change will be published later this week. So that would be October 10th at the latest. On October 1, the team also confirmed on Twitter that a release for this week is the goal and that the server transfer feature is at the top of the priority list (via ).

Change between regions, world set and further information

Is it possible to change server regions? In the New World community, players ask whether the free server transfer can also be used to switch between regions.

“We don’t have a system for changing regions. You can play in any region, but you have to start over with a new character, ”explains Camulos from customer support on the New World forum.

Does the world set play a role? Also in an answer from Camulos, players learn that the world sets for the server transfer probably do not play a role. The employee says that you could choose a server. Just with the regional restriction.

What does that mean? You cannot switch between AP Southeast, SA East, US West, US East, and EU Central. But within a region like from Fomax (world set Vanaheim air) to Ravenal (world set Vanaheim Rho).

Why is there the change? The New World team wanted to make sure everyone could log in quickly in the post-release period when hundreds of thousands wanted to play. For this, many new servers were brought in and the capacities of the existing servers were increased.

During this time, players created characters on servers with a low number of players so that they could log in without long queues. Often with the disadvantage of not being able to play with their friends. Thanks to the free server transfer, you can then calmly consider whether you want to switch to your friends and play together on a server with a large number of players, or whether you want to settle on a small server.

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