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Farming Simulator 22: All Achievements and Trophies



FS22 Earning Extra Money and Resources - Jobs Trick

In this Trophy Guide to Farming Simulator 22 you will learn:

  • How many trophies there are in the simulation
  • What you have to do to get all achievements
  • What you have to do for platinum and a gamerscore of 1,000

There are so many trophies in Farming Simulator 22

You can unlock a total of 46 trophies on the PS4 and PS5. These are broken down as follows:

  • 28x bronze
  • 15x silver
  • 2x gold
  • 1x platinum

If you play on Xbox One or Xbox Series S / X, you can collect 45 successes that give you a total of 1,000 points in Gamerscore. The tasks that you have to complete on PlayStation and Xbox for the achievements are identical.

Farming Simulator 22: All Bronze Trophies

It is not at all easy to find out which tasks are hidden behind the respective successes. You get most of the trophies while following the story and doing a few sideline jobs here and there – for example by helping a neighbor.

Road tripThat wouldn’t have fit on the street anyway.bronze5
JoyrideNot an inch remains dry!bronze5
Allez hoppOh what – can you jump too?bronze5
Hoppe Hoppe ReiterWhen he falls, he screams.bronze5
SamaritanYou do it for the neighbor.bronze5
Court heroI feel comfortable here.bronze5
With you it is sprouting!You have to think about the future.bronze5
Self-cateringSo I’m prepared …bronze5
PoundingThat’s what I prefer to drive with.bronze5
Freight forwarderSo the long-term strategy …bronze5
Van GoghSo you are very special.bronze5
It was like that!It was just a matter of time …bronze5
Fine & fluffyYou fall asleep very quickly.bronze25th
Three little pigs …You don’t even believe what they’re eating.bronze25th
What a cackleIf the eggs were suddenly square, the chickens would be pretty dirty.bronze25th
When the bees swarm in May …… the farmer can make noise for joy!bronze15th
My fleetThat can be seen so slowly!bronze15th
Small but great!Yes, I need every single one of them.bronze
Who digs a pit for othersThe beginning of every farmer.bronze20th
Who is a good boy?The last will be bitten by the dogs.bronze20th
Foiled and sewn upOpen carefully, please.bronze
Grape-likeWho is sobbing like that here?bronze
Olea europaeaThese are fruits, not vegetables!bronze50
The ancient grainMillet, good man.bronze
Rock onNobody puts any more stones in your way!bronze20th
Spruce moped enthusiastSo I really think we should report that …bronze15th
It’s getting tightThe building land – not the moneybronze
Layer in the shaftNow everything runs by itself.bronze

Farming Simulator 22: All Silver Trophies

As soon as you have spent a few hours in the simulator, you will automatically unlock the silver trophies. By the way, there are no secret achievements!

If the farmer falls into the manure …… it doesn’t make him any younger either.silver
Oh, you’re not a kangaroo at all ?!Have pity on the poor animal.silver
On the high horseSeriously, this is not good for your back …silver
Hero of the agricultural economyWhat do you mean by “taking care of my own farm?”silver
Who always wants to sow the wind …… in the end it won’t mow anything.silver
Hundred acres of heroIf the grain is still there in December, it is probably worn out!silver
Pit stopYou should really think about the membership fee …silver
A cow makes mooLots of cows are troublesome.silver
SophisticationI read Faust!silver
BenevolentWhere do you want to put them all?silver
Oops!Do you have a permit for this?silver
Hard work pays off… because if the farmer is completely bare, the farm will soon belong to the bank.silver
A piece of cakeYou like to reminisce about your childhood.silver
The classicsYou can’t get enough of that.silver
Just follow your noseHas anyone ordered fondue?silver

Farming Simulator 22: Gold and Platinum Trophies

If you have played through the game completely and received all successes, the platinum trophy and the final achievement “A real farmer” beckons you!

The farmer needs three goals …Barn door, barn door, and
Home is in the heartThen let’s …gold100
A real farmerOur work never really ends.platinum

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