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Farming Simulator 22: Basic Farm Equipment Worth Buying?



Farming Simulator 22: Basic Farm Equipment Worth Buying?

Once you have purchased your first tractor, as well as the combine harvester and harvester, you will be able to proceed to the second phase of purchasing, which concerns basic agricultural machinery. Without them, you won’t be able to look after your crops. These are tools that will help you plow, cultivate, sow, weed, limed, and fertilize your field.


For plowing, the AGRO POV 5XL will come in handy, which, as the name suggests, has five rows of mouldboards. This allows for fairly quick and pleasant plowing of the field.

  • For proper operation of this type of plow, a tractor is required that generates approximately 160HP.

Cultivator + seeder (two in one)

You can buy a separate cultivator, but it is not profitable, because you will find mechanical harrows in even the cheapest seed drills. For example, by purchasing an AMAZONE KG 3001 + Centaya 3000, you will be able to cultivate and plant a field at the same time.

  • For this type of tool to work properly, a tractor that generates a minimum of 160HP is required.

Weed sprayer

You can remove the weeds in three ways: by plowing the field, using a weeder (only if they are not yet too large), or by purchasing a sprayer and pouring herbicide over it. The latter method is the fastest and the best because no matter what stage of maturation the weeds are in, you will always eliminate them. As a sprayer, the Hardi Mega 1200L will be great. 

  • Even the weakest tractor is required for the proper operation of this type of tool – there is no recommended power here.

Manure spreader + lime

In order to increase the efficiency of the field (and thus to have a greater number of crops during the harvest), the field must be fertilized, and also limed every three crops. For these activities, you will need the Bredal K105 spreader, into which you can add fertilizer or lime. A cheaper alternative can only spread fertilizer, so buy a more expensive tool right away.

  • Even the weakest tractor is required for the proper operation of this type of tool – there is no recommended power here.


The trailer will be useful for transporting various things between your farm and various silos/stores. It doesn’t matter which one you choose – just pay attention to the capacity. In relation to price: quality, one of the better choices is a CLAAS trailer with the Carat 140 TD model that can initially accommodate (without improvements) more than 12.5 cubic meters of plants.


You will also need a baler, thanks to which you can create bales from hay/grass / straw, which you can then use for feeding animals or simply for sale. Pay attention only to the form in which the tool in question creates bales – lumpy or cylindrical. The latter, if you do not have the appropriate tools, are difficult to place on trailers afterward. In addition, these most expensive presses are able to wrap the bales immediately in foil, which gives us fermentation and silage.

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