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How to get Reaper and Sage to level 80 fast in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker



How to get Reaper and Sage to level 80 fast in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

Endwalker, the new expansion of Final Fantasy XIV is about to arrive, but you will not be able to play its main story with Reaper or Sage unless you are at level 80, so we will tell you how to do it as quickly as possible.

How to get Reaper and Sage to level 80 in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

As Square Enix has us used to it, when we have to unlock Reaper and Sage, the new Final Fantasy XIV classes, they will start at 20 levels of their maximum potential and 10 levels of the minimum necessary to start the main story of the expansion. If you want to spend all this content using the new classes (as I know many people will do), you will have to climb the first ten levels as quickly as possible.

Starting from the moment the servers open, you will have two fundamental tasks: get equipment and make the Wondrous Tails, the daily of challenges that can be obtained weekly in Idyllshire.

For the first, just go to Kugane and talk to NPC Rowena’s Representative (x12.2 y10.8). Here you can exchange your Allagan Tombstone of Poetics for teams. Your priority will be accessories, as the base gear for Reaper and Sage comes without them. Yes, once you get all of them, you have Poetics left over, any piece here will be better than the one they give you when you accept the class, so you can improve your gear very easily.

As for the Wondrous Tails, it will be time to go to Idyllshire and talk to Khloe Aliapoh (x5.7 y6.1). Of course, first, you will have to finish the Keeping Up with the Aliapohs quest (x7.0 y5.9). Once you have your diary, look for a trial of A Realm Reborn in its Extreme version, enter without synchronizing your level with a class at level 80 and give it a dose of violence.

Once you do this, using the Wondrous Tails object in your inventory if you click on the trial that you just finished, then you go to the “Second Chance” menu and you end up using “Retry” you will be able to select the same combat again to repeat it. Ideally, early ARR trials (such as Garuda, Leviathan, or Ifrit) are ideal, but since you have no control over what’s coming out, either end of the base game will do the trick.

By completing these actions 10 times you will be able to deliver the diary back to Khloe and get half a level, it doesn’t matter if you are at 70, 80, or 89. Of course, it is very, very important that when you go to return the diary to me ‘ You do it having the class you want to climb equipped, as it is the one that will get the experience. Keep in mind that you can repeat this every week starting on Tuesday!

Besides that, the Tribe Quests will not only serve you to raise crafters and gatherers (as I have explained in their guides ), but they will be a good instrument for Reaper and Sage. By completing the Manic Pixie Dream Realm quest in Crystarium (x13.1, y15.3) you will be able to access the missions for Shadowbringers fighting classes.

If we add to this the typical daily roulette (minimum I would recommend leveling and Frontline, the PVP roulette, although I usually do almost all of them except Main Scenario), you can easily reach level 71 , and even 72. From here, you road gets complicated.

How to level up in Bozja and Zadnor

Objectively speaking, the best way to level up is through the Save the Queen story, which you can start in Kugane by talking to (x13, y: 13). This will help you unlock the Bozjan Southern Front and, if you’ve advanced enough in its history, Zadnor . These two places are the key to getting from 71 to 80 quickly. When entering these sites, yes, there are several things that you have to take into account:

  • Experience buffs, meals, manuals, and so forth will not work .
  • Try to go to zone 3 of each area if possible.
  • Between FATE and FATE, try to kill 4th Legion enemies , this will increase the chances of a Critical Encounter appearing, thanks to which you will get a lot of experience.
  • Dalriada and Castrum Lacus Litore are not highly recommended . While it is true that they give decent experience, encountering a slow or novice group will delay your level considerably.
  • Do not worry about the equipment they sell in these areas , as you will not be able to equip them until you are level 80 outside the battlefields. It doesn’t matter if they make you level sync up there.

It won’t be anywhere near as easy as climbing the crafting and collecting classes, but, if you put together a few hours in these places with your daily tasks, in a few days you can reach the long-awaited level 80 and begin the long-awaited story of Endwalker with these new professions.

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