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How to unlock the new Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker locations



How to unlock the new Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker locations

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker has six new locations to explore in the story of the MMORPG expansion, and here’s how to unlock them. To the moon!

Endwalker, the new expansion for the online game Final Fantasy XIV, has just been released on PC, PS4, and PS5, and is a major release, with many new locations, available from December 7.

The launch of the expansion, which was delayed a few weeks at the sole decision of its director Naoki Yoshida, due to its perfectionism, has seen long waiting lines to play in its early access, since December 4.

For that reason, Square Enix is ​​giving away seven days of free play for everyone who has the full version of the game, so you will have a perfect opportunity to try this new expansion and discover what is new before buying it.

How to unlock the new Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker locations

The new story of Endwalker takes us through six new cities, with many things to do and explore, but you will have to complete missions before unlocking them and farm experience until you reach the necessary level to complete those missions.

  • Old Sharlayan: The city we’ve been hearing about for a long time in Final Fantasy XIV. We arrive automatically as soon as the main story of Endwalker begins.
  • Radz-at-Han: A beautiful city located on top of a hill, next to a winding river. We can choose to go to it at the end of the Old Sharlayan, New to You mission.
  • Labyrinthos: In a small room at the top of the Old Sharlayan map there is an elevator for Labyrinthos, which will be unlocked after the mission A Labyrinthine Descent.
  • Thavnair: You will get here by starting the For Thavnair Bound mission
  • Garlemald: You must reach level 82 and complete the mission A Frosty Reception from Tataru.
  • Mare Lamentorum: Finally, when you reach level 83 you can do the mission A Trip to the Moon and visit this city on the moon.

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