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How to Quickly Raise Your Final Fantasy XIV Gatherers to Level 80



How to Quickly Raise Your Final Fantasy XIV Gatherers to Level 80

When it comes to moonlighting in Final Fantasy XIV, many players get lost because they don’t know how to level up gatherers to level 80, which is normal given the breadth of the game.

If you are tired of fighting or have everything maxed out and are waiting for Endwalker to bring you the Sage and the Reaper, it is a very good idea to raise the remaining levels of the non-combative jobs. Today we are going to see what you can do to max out your Miner, Botanist, and Fisher. Of course, due to the particularities of each job, the last one will go separately.

How to raise Botanist and Miner to level 80 in Final Fantasy XIV

The truth is that, although the options for leveling are very, very wide, tackling these jobs has a fairly easy path to follow to the top, making this part of the guide only divided between sections of level 1 to 10 and 10 until 80.

The first ten are going to be pretty easy and quick. Your task will be, as you did when uploading crafters, to look at the log. In this case, yes, it is the Gathering Log. All you have to do is get each material for the first time to earn an extra experience bonus. This, along with doing the class quests for each guild, will get you up to level 10 very quickly.

From here, it’s time to go back to a familiar place. As I already mentioned in the guide on crafters, Firmament, in Ishgard, also houses Diadem, a place where you can level up very, very quickly by collecting materials that will later be used by the crafters themselves. To be able to enter, it is as easy as having reached level 10 and unlocked Firmament (that is, having finished Heavensward) and approaching the NPC Aurvael (x10.8 and14.0). Once inside, the trick is to use the nodes with circles that you see on the maps below and move counter-clockwise. This will give you a lot of experience (especially in the beginning, you will notice a colossal increase), yes, but is there anything else you can do to get even more EXP?

Well yes, there is! Starting with the basics, the Free Company Earth and Water buff will give you 5% (10% in version 2) of free experience for the next 24 hours. In addition to that, there are the Survival Manuals, which you can acquire from your Grand Company (Maelstorm, Twin Adders, and Immortal Flames) and which will grant you a large amount of extra EXP. Keep in mind that in order to get them you will need Company Seals, which you can obtain by doing FATEs, delivering Expert Deliveries or through the leveling roulette.

On the other hand, there are advanced Survival Manuals that will be a bit more difficult to come by. For these, you will have to have reached Idyllshire in Heavensward, be at least level 60 with a crafter and gatherer, and finish the Inscrutable Tastes questline, which starts at level 60 in Mor Dohna. This will lead you to unlock the Custom Deliveries, 12 weekly orders (which you will have to divide at least between 6 NPCs) and that will give you experience, money, and Scrips.

The latter is the currency of crafters and gatherers and will be what you use in Firmament to be able to get advanced manuals. Keep in mind that you will need Yellow Gatherer Scrips for this , so you will have to do your custom deliveries with a gatherer and not with a crafter. Still, in the long run, it is advisable to do these assignments every week with both roles in order to access the succulent rewards (materials, equipment, recipes, subjects, etc.). Total, that in the end, you can get levels and manuals at the same time.

In this way, if you put together your daily tribe quests, your weekly custom deliveries, and your long periods of Diadem, you will be able to upload Miner and Botanist at a very fast pace, even if it is a bit monotonous.

How to get Fisher to level 80 in Final Fantasy XIV

The case of the fisherman is somewhat different because it is not Diadem where he will get maxed but in Limsa Lominsa. This time you get rid of getting the first ten levels with logs and missions (although it is convenient not to miss the latter), but you will have directly to Ocean Fishing. Doesn’t that sound like anything to you? Normal, it is something that only fishermen do, but it is the best way to level up.

The thing is easy: every two hours (at odd times if you live in the Iberian Peninsula), a boat will set sail from the port of Limsa Lominsa (Arcanist’s Guild aeterite). There you will have to talk to Dryskthota (x3.0 y12.7) and sign up. Once you enter the queue, you will be with a group of 23 passionate about fishing. Buy the baits that the NPC who acts as a shop on board the cruise ship is going to sell you and go fishing!

Do not get scratched if you do not know which bait to use, as most likely one person in the group will be commenting on which ones to use. The Ocean Fishing bait system is a bit complicated (it depends on the route the boat is taking and the time it arrives in each area), so there is always a tradition of helping the newest. On the other hand, keep in mind that the Survival Manuals that I have already spoken about also serve here, and will be one of your greatest allies.

Don’t forget the Tribe Quests!

While gatherers work a bit differently from each other, there is one constant that you will need to keep in mind. Tribe Quests, just like crafters, can give you quite a boost . It depends on which rod you put in, you might not even need this with Fisher (I uploaded it using only Ocean Fishing over the 3 very unoccupied days I had), but they will be a great help to Miner and Botanist.

In this case, you will have to return to the Namazu (located in the Azim Steppe, in the Droh Illoh aetherite) from level 60, while the Qitari ( who reside in the Rak’tika Greatwood x37.2 and 17.1 ) will be the ones who will assist you to get from level 70 to 80. Remember that you can do 3 missions with each of the tribes a day. Don’t miss out!

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