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How to unlock Level Checker’s mount in Final Fantasy XIV



How to unlock Level Checker's mount in Final Fantasy XIV

With the arrival of Endwalker, in addition to more history, we have new mounts in Final Fantasy XIV, one of the most popular being the Level Checker, which we are going to see how to unlock today.

This is one of the most demanding mounts in the game right now, as it requires you to be on the lookout for a specific FATE. So, before we start, I wish you luck and a lot of patience.

How to unlock Level Checker’s mount in Final Fantasy XIV

As I said, this mount is going to require your patience. In the Ultima Thule area (if you don’t have all the Aether Currents, I recommend getting them with this guide ), a FATE called Omicron Recall: Killing Order appears every 48 hours. This will allow you to face Chi, a mega boss who, if you get a gold reward during the fight, will give you 6 Chi Bolts.

Once you have 12 of them (that is, you have to do the FATE at least twice), you can go to Radz-at-Han to exchange these items at the NPC that you will find in X: 10.0, Y: 10.6.

map endwalker

On the other hand, waiting for a FATE that appears every other day to spawn can be a bit too horrible. My recommendation is that you go to the Faloop Discord server and sign up for the alerts that will warn you about this (and other issues, such as hunting trains).

That said, it is also a good idea to ask for a group when the FATE appears ( putting in the chat “/ sh lfg” you will surely get someone to invite you), since it will be much easier to get that long-awaited gold. Good luck!

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