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How to unlock Pandaemonium raids in Final Fantasy XIV



How to unlock Pandaemonium raids in Final Fantasy XIV

Patch 6.01 is here, and with it, the first Final Fantasy XIV Normal Raids called Pandaemonium. Today we are going to see how you can unlock them as soon as possible to start giving them a kick from minute 1.

Keep in mind one thing, and that is that if you want to start raiding Endwalker, you will first have to finish the main story of this expansion. Once you do that, finish watching the credits and finish with the epilogue, the NPC that unlocks Pandaemonium will appear so you can talk to him.

How to unlock Pandaemonium raids in Final Fantasy XIV

If you meet all the requirements that I have listed above, unlocking Pandaemonium will be easy. You just have to go to Old Sharlayan and look for Nemjiji, the lalafell that will be in X: 9.6, Y: 11.9. By talking to him you can accept the quest The Crystal From Beyond.

From there, you will have to go to the following sites to speak with a number of NPCs:

  • Claudien, who you will meet in Labyrinthos X: 8.6, Y: 27.5.
  • Crystarium Gatekeep, which is in Crystarium X: 13.5, Y: 11.3.
  • Themis, who will wait for you in Elips X: 32.3, Y: 22.4.
  • Words of Lahabrea Speaker, also in Elpis X: 26.0, Y: 26.2.
  • And finally, Themis, again in Elpis X: 37.6, Y: 16.6.

With that done, you will have unlocked the first Pandaemonium fight, called Asphodelos: The First Circle.

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