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AC Valhalla: Find all 5 shards for the quest “Counting Sheep”



AC Valhalla: Find all 5 shards for the quest "Counting Sheep"

The crossover DLC interwoven stories bring you an encounter with Kassandra from AC Odyssey – in AC Valhalla. Eivor and the Greek heroine set off for the Scottish Isle of Skye as part of the free saga Fateful Encounters. There you have to collect five shards to open a gold cave – and in our guide for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, we tell you all the locations.

How to solve the puzzle in “Counting Sheep”

How do I get to the Isle of Fog in the first place? You have to meet the following requirements to get to the island and play the free crossover:

  • Your settlement is at level 4
  • You have a power level of 55
  • Valka is in your settlement and you have already completed her quest series

Solve “Counting Sheep”: This quest starts after you and Kassandra look for the artifact that causes nightmares on the island in a cave. To open the door of the gold cave, you should now find five shards that are scattered all over the island. The good news: The locations are marked on your map. Now the bad: You still have to find the hidden places where the broken pieces are. But don’t worry, we’ll help you!

Location 1: Hunagladair

Where exactly? Find the great pyre in the village of Hunagladair and turn to the southeast. There you will see a small cave right next to it, in which the shard is clearly visible on an altar. Be careful, there could be a guard here as the village is full of enemies.

Location 2: Brother’s Cave (Inbhir Arais)

Where exactly? The eastern marker on Eivor’s map shows you this location. Keep going east and you should see a rock wall with a small opening leading to a canyon. There you will find a letter that reveals: someone found the shard before you did and ran away with it.

From Odin’s point of view, you can simply follow the tracks to a hut. There, put aside the shelf on the outside wall to reveal a window. You shoot an arrow through it – after the hit, you should be able to open the door. A second letter awaits you inside, followed by Odin’s view in the northeast.

You are attacked by two bears that you kill. Then look up at the platforms in the trees that you climb over a thick, curved trunk. Shoot an obstacle out of the way and jump over onto a suspended platform. There is one last letter up there, a dead man and the shard we are looking for.

Site 3: fairy ponds

Where exactly? This area is in the south of the Isle of the Fog. There, Odin’s sight shows you a marker behind a waterfall, but no trace of the shard. An old woman calls out to you from outside that she would like to sacrifice you to the fairies. She is also suffering from the nightmares that have plagued the island and appear confused accordingly. As she explains to you, the shard is in her possession. You have three options here:

  • Attack the old woman: Eivor can of course just knock the confused lady down and take the shard from her by force. You will then also be attacked by a couple of wolves.
  • Convince the old woman: With a charisma value of 3 or higher, Eivor can explain to her that the fairies are sure to want to outsmart her. Then she willingly gives you the shard.
  • Buy the shard: You can also make a trade for 500 pieces of silver.

Which solution you choose at the fairy pond is of course up to you. But we would advise you to let the poor old woman live, she will show up again later.

Location 4: Dun Ardtreck

Where exactly? The village is located southwest of the island. Your quest marker will lead you to a letter in a house in the middle referring to a ruined ruin. Let yourself slide down the rope on the next cliff to the sea and go on a dive where said ruin juts out of the water. Luminous jellyfish and Odin’s sight show you the way to the right place.

Site 5: excavation site

Where exactly? This point is in the northwest. At the excavation site, look for a large, dilapidated wall with a gate in it and stand in front of it so that you can look through it. Then climb up the wall on the right. On the wall, you will find an explosive vase, which you now carry to a red-roofed ruin. Throw the vase against the blockage in the wall and wait a moment for the fire to burn down. Now the way is free to the last shard. Stay away from guards as this is an area of ​​suspicion.

Open the cave

When you have collected all five shards, you return to the gold cave and place them on the pedestal that Kassandra has revealed. The door gives way to a path that you follow to the shore of a lake. Now Eivor has to dive again, follow luminous jellyfish, climb up and do a few guards. A light puzzle follows, in which you have to align the beams on the two pedestals next to the door – the right beam on the left and the left on the right. Then the gate opens and you can pick up the artifact.

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