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Farming Simulator 22 Cows don’t give milk: What to do?



Farming Simulator 22 Cows don't give milk: What to do?

In the new farming simulator 22, animal husbandry also plays a major role again and you can keep different animals in the stables in order to then sell the products or the animals themselves. The cows are of course also among the animals available in the FS22. The cows can be housed in a cow pasture or in a cowshed and then, on the one hand, you can produce milk and on the other hand, you can breed cows. When it comes to milk production, one or the other player may ask the question, why do some cows not give milk?

Why do some cows not give milk?

If a cow does not give milk in the FS22, this can be due to various causes. On the one hand, the cow should be healthy and regularly supplied with feed, and on the other hand, age should be taken into account. The cows only give milk after 12 months. The total mixed ration (TMR) should be used as feed for the cows if possible in order to maximize milk production.

When it comes to this topic, one should also bear in mind that not all cows are ideally suited for milk production. The cow breeds deliver different amounts of milk and achieve different sales prices at the cattle dealer. While the two breeds called “Brown-Swiss” and “Holstein” are mainly intended for the production of milk, the other two breeds called “Angus” and “Limousin” are mainly intended for breeding and also achieve higher sales prices there than the dairy cows.

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