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Farming Simulator 22 General information



Farming Simulator 22 General information


Farming Simulator 22 brings back a popular feature, beekeeping. Many players still know the bees from the LS13, but unfortunately, the hard-working bees were no longer included in the last versions.

With the help of bees, you can of course primarily produce honey and sell it. Alternatively, you can also continue to produce the honey into muesli, which of course requires additional materials, but also generates more sales. To breed bees, you can select different beehives in construction mode, these differ in their size and, of course, in the acquisition costs. In the long term, however, beekeeping in Farming Simulator 22 is worthwhile, as this also brings other advantages in addition to the yield from the honey.

Bees near fields

Always place your beehives so that they border on fields. In normal fields such as potatoes or rapeseed, pollination by the bees increases the yield by up to 2.5%; in flower fields such as sunflowers, it is even 5%. This is simply an added bonus that you get on top by breeding bees. But when building the beehive, remember to leave some space for the honey plates, this is necessary so that you can finally get the coveted honey.

Bees can therefore increase their yield in various areas without much additional effort and should therefore be taken into account. As it should be for a real beekeeper, Farming Simulator 22 also offers a suitable suit for your character. This looks good but unfortunately has no function. You can put on the beekeeping suit in the character editor of the FS22.

Used machines in Farming Simulator 22

If you didn’t have the change for a new machine, you always had to take out expensive credit or lease a machine. In the new farming simulator, there is now another possibility to get a new machine for your farm at short notice, the used market.

With over 400 machines to choose from in the game, it can quickly become expensive if you need the latest models. Thanks to the used market, you can shoot older agricultural machines for cheap money. However, the selection of available machines changes constantly, so don’t wait too long when you’ve discovered something suitable.

Disadvantages of used machines

Unfortunately, there are also disadvantages if you decide to buy used machines. For example, the performance of the machines can decrease, after all, they have been around for a few years. Repair costs are also incurred more often if you want to keep your vehicles in good condition. A new paint job is also absolutely necessary, the machine is available to you in the short term, but in the long term, a used machine can quickly become expensive.

So is it worth using the used vehicles? Since money can always run out quickly in Farming Simulator 22, the idea of ​​buying an old machine for occasional use is definitely a smart one. In the long run, of course, it creates more work, but if you are afraid of work, then you have no place in the Farming Simulator anyway.

Greenhouses and the change of seasons

Another new feature in the FS22 is the change of seasons. This forces you to pay attention to which types of fruit you are growing and harvesting and when. Furthermore, the seasonal change also has an impact on the growth of your fruits. So that you can continue to get good yields from your fruits on a regular basis, you have the opportunity to work with greenhouses.

Do you want to grow strawberries in the winter months? Thanks to greenhouses, no longer a problem in the Farming Simulator 2022. Select a greenhouse that suits you in Baumode and you can grow any fruit or salad at any time, even if the snow is already on the fields outside. In addition to the space for the construction, you also need a water connection. Now you can decide what to do with your harvest. Either store it directly and process it later or resell it automatically in order to generate money directly. Processing strawberries into strawberry cakes or simply selling them directly, the decision is yours.

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