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Farming Simulator 22: Horses, mount trade, how to care for and feed?



Farming Simulator 22: Where to sell the wood

One of the newer farms in Farming Simulator is, of course, the one about mounts. The scene ended with the number “22” which allows us to buy a stable in which we will keep horses and then sell them at a profit.

Without feeding or caring for the animals, remember that they will not die or run away from your stable, but their sale will be unprofitable in this case.

Purchase of a stable

First, go to the construction screen and decide what type of building you want to build on your farm. You have at your disposal:

  • Normal pasture for horses with 5 mounts (the cost is 55,000 euro);
  • A stable with 8 mounts (cost: EUR 118.5 thousand);
  • A large stable with 14 mounts (cost: 125,000 euro).

If you haven’t had the opportunity to deal with mounts before (you have to spend a lot of time on them), it is worth choosing a pasture, although remember that in this case, you have to refill the horses with water manually. If you are familiar with mounts, take a large stable right away, because its price is slightly different from the normal one, and it can accommodate almost twice as many animals of this type.

Types of horses

There are many types of mounts in the game, but each of them costs the same and has the same number of springs (zero) on their necks. So this choice depends on your own preferences. Remember that you can buy horses in a special tab, which you will get after interacting with the paw near the stable.

Taking care of mounts and feeding

Despite the fact that horses – just like pigs – are kept for sale for profit and breeding, you need to devote much more time to them than to other animals. This is because you have to get into the saddle every few days and explore the city with the help of your four-legged “buddies”.

In addition to the ride itself, which is expressed as a percentage in the top left corner of the screen, you also need to brush your mount – most often after the journey when it’s dirty. Approach him and when you notice the brush screen on the screen, click LMB to clean the horse.

In addition, remember to refill water (in the case of pastures) and feed the mounts – they eat oats, sorghum, and/or grass. As with cows, it is best to dedicate one field to gathering grass as this is the fastest and cheapest way to provide your animals with food.


Mounts are best sold when they reach 100% health. It is best to get rid of some of them when your stable is running out of space for small animals. In addition – horses are useful for reaching some hard-to-reach places, but they will not replace e.g. a tractor or a car that will deliver some products to the location you are interested in.

The horse business, which takes up a lot of time on the farm, can be summarized for the sale of these animals with a considerable profit.

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