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Fire Emblem Engage: How to Heal Yourself and Allies



Fire Emblem Engage: How to Heal Yourself and Allies

Fire Emblem Engage is a Role-Playing Strategy game in which players will have to defend the land of Elyos from the Fell Dragon. Players will get to play with the Divine Dragon and they will get to fight the dark monsters along with allies. However, fighting can get really intense as it is done by turn-based mechanics. Your character and allies can get low on HP while fighting the enemies so, you will have to restore the Hit Points by using the healing items.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to heal yourself and your Allies in Fire Emblem Engage.

Healing Yourself

In each battle, your character will start from the full HP and full SP Stats. As the battle goes on, the HP will get lower as you take damage from the enemies. You will have to keep an eye on your HP because if you are low on HP and an enemy attacks you, you will die leaving you to restart from the last autosave checkpoint.

Before ending the turn with an attack, you can end it by healing yourself as it would be more sufficient for you in the battle. To heal yourself, follow the following steps.

  • Wait for your turn in the battle.
  • Select your character and then press the A button to show the Commanding Options.
  • Select the Items option.
  • Select the Heal or Vulnerability Items to heal your character.

By using the healing items, your character’s HP will be restored to a certain amount.

Healing Allies

There are a couple of ways to heal allies during a battle. The simplest way to heal your allies in the battle is by selecting the unit you want to heal and then going into the Commanding Options. Select the Healing Items to heal the unit. It is just like healing your main character but selecting a friendly unit.

Healing Allies

However, another way to heal your allies is through the Staff. There are different allies that can use Staff and Framme is one of those characters. You can use the Staff in the allies’ position to heal the allies. You can also go near the allies and trade items with them. If a unit runs out of the healing items, you can use another unit and go near that unit to give it the healing item.

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