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Fire Emblem Engage: Chapter 3: Hostilities – Walkthrough



Fire Emblem Engage: Chapter 3: Hostilities – Walkthrough

In this guide, we’ll cover the third chapter of Fire Emblem Engage and all the characters that can be recruited, and all the items that you can obtain.

Hostilities – Walkthrough

The Divine Dragon will wake up from a bad dream and then there will be a loud explosion. The explosion will be near the Vault location and the Divine Dragon and other characters will make their way to the location. On reaching the location, players will get to fight the enemies. You will get to fight new types of enemies in this battle. There will be enemies who will be using Lance as well as flying enemies.

Battle Walkthrough

In the first turn of the Battle, you need to defeat the enemy who is wielding Lance with an Axe. Vander has the Axe weapon and you can use Vander to break the stance of the enemy and then do a follow-up attack on the enemy to defeat him. Use your main character to defeat the other soldier and use Framme Staff to deal damage to the soldier. Once the three enemies are defeated, the flying enemies will show up.

As the second turn starts, you will hear some people coming toward you. It will be the new characters that can be recruited as units. There will be three characters that you meet during the battle.

  • Alfred
  • Boucheron
  • Etie

All three of them have special skills that can be used for a certain enemy or at a certain point for advantages. In the second phase, you will have to position your units ahead in the battle and use Alfred or Vander to take down the enemies wielding Lances. Use Etie to shoot arrows at the flying enemies to kill them. Move other units ahead according to the blue tiles. In the enemy phase, your main character will be able to take down a couple of enemies with the Liberation Sword.

Fire Emblem Engage: Chapter 3: Hostilities – Walkthrough

After defeating the enemies in the second turn, you will get to the last couple of enemies. One of them is holding a shield that can tank a lot of damage. You need to use the Rapier weapon of the Divine Dragon or use Clanne Fire Magic. Both of them will deal great damage to him. Defeating the Shield enemy will drop an item named Vulnerary. The other enemy will be an archer and you can easily defeat him by using Etie. As Etie is also an archer, she will be able to deal a decent amount of damage as well as dodge his attacks.

After defeating the enemies, the battle will be over and a cutscene will start.

Obtainable Items

After the cutscene, the exploration mode will start in which you will be able to gather the following items.

  • 20x Iron Ingot
  • 50x Bond Fragments

After gathering the items, you can exit the exploration mode by departure. After that, the third chapter will conclude and the next chapter will start.

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