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Fire Emblem Engage: How to Break Stances of Enemies



Fire Emblem Engage: How to Break Stances of Enemies

Fire Emblem Engage is a Strategy game in which you get to battle the enemies with a turn-based mechanic. There are many different enemies and monsters that you will get to fight in the game. Each enemy uses a specific kind of weapon which can be used to your advantage if you play your turns in the right way.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to break the stances of Enemies in Fire Emblem Engage.

Breaking Stances of Enemies

In every battle, there will be enemies that will use a specific kind of weapon. The game has a breaking Stance mechanic which players can use to break the stance of the enemies and gain an extra attack with another unit. It can be very useful in fights as it will give you the edge in an extra attack. You will get the advantage to take out the enemy early and position yourself in a safe spot for the next turn.

In order to break the Stance of the enemy, you need to use a weapon that has an advantage over the Weapon that the enemy is using. For Example, a Sword has an advantage over an Axe. If an enemy is using an Axe, you can use the Sword to break the enemy’s Stance and land a Follow-Up Attack to kill the enemy in a Single Turn.

Breaking Stances of Enemies

You can use the Weapons in the following way to break every stance of the enemy.

  • Sword has an advantage over Axe.
  • Axe has an advantage over Lance.
  • Lance has an advantage over Sword.
  • Arts attacks have advantages over Bows, Tomes, and Knives.

As players progress through the game, they will be rewarded with different types of weapons. These weapons will be held by your character and before attacking an enemy, you can switch the weapon by pressing the L or R Button. Choose the weapon that has an advantage over the enemy’s weapon to break the stance.

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