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Fire Emblem Engage: Chapter 4: A Land in Bloom – Walkthrough



Fire Emblem Engage: Chapter 4: A Land in Bloom – Walkthrough

In this guide, we’ll cover the fourth chapter of Fire Emblem Engage and all the characters that can be recruited, and all the items that you can obtain.

A Land in Bloom – Walkthrough

The Divine Dragon will come to Firene nation with Alfred for help. As players reach the Florra Mill Town, Alfred will sense something strange and the battle with the Corrupted and Elyosian Soldiers will start. As the battle starts, you will get introduced to three new characters.

  • Celine
  • Chloe
  • Louis

Battle Walkthrough

As the battle begins, make sure to equip Sigurd Emblem Ring to Alfred. Alfred is a high mobility unit and with Sigurd, he will be able to take down the enemies with Critical Hits. There will be a total of 10 of your units in the battle. You need to start from the left side of the map and take down the enemy with Vander. You can send an additional unit up there with Vander to hit the follow-up attack to kill the enemy. However, you also need to visit the open house to warn them. Warning the houses during the battle will give you additional items. Make sure to warn them with one of your units.

Now, go to the west side of the battle to select Chloe and Louis. You can select Louis to take down the Archers. Whereas, Chloe can take down mages easily as she does not take any magic damage. You can clear the western area of the battle with these two units. On the Southeast side, you need to use Alfred and Divine Dragon to take down the enemies. For the rest of the units, move them near other units and select the wait option to finish the first turn of the battle.

Fire Emblem Engage: Chapter 4: A Land in Bloom – Walkthrough

After the enemies turn, you will get to know about the Draconic Time Crystal. It will be the jeweled crystal that was given to you by Vander in the previous chapter. You can use the Draconic Time Crystal to turn back any 1 move of the unit. If you have played any move wrong then you can use it to gain an advantage in the battle. In the second turn of the battle, engage Celine’s Emblem Ring to move her to the West side to defeat Rodin. You need to move Clanne from the left side of the map with Vander and move Clanne to the west side.

It will take a couple of moves to get there and a couple of enemies to defeat. For the rest of the units, use the attack moves to defeat the enemies. Clanne and Celine’s Warp Ragnarok Skill will deal great fire damage to Rodin. Rodin has a shield so it is harder to defeat him with other units. Use Celine’s skill and then use Clanne attack to finish Rodin. Clear out the Reinforcement of the Corrputed and after that, the battle will be over.

Obtainable Items during Battle

You can obtain the following Items from the enemies during battle.

  • Hand Axe

You can obtain the following items by visiting the houses during the battle.

  • Javelin
  • 2,000 Gold

Obtainable Items in Exploration Mode

After the battle, the exploration mode will start in which you get to explore Florra Mill Town. You will get 10,000 Gold from Vander after the battle and in the exploration mode, you can get the following items.

  • 20x Iron Ingot
  • 200x Bond Fragments
  • Orange
  • Tomato
  • Eggs
  • Rare Fruit

You can adopt the following animals and take them back to Somniel.

  • Elyosian Sheep
  • Elyosian Dog
  • Calisson Chicken
  • Mere Donkey

After the exploration, depart from the exploration to start the next chapter.

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