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Forza Motorsport: How to Sell Cars



Forza Motorsport - Sell Cars

Throughout your career playthrough and Rivals mode, you will earn several cars as a reward and might buy cars of your interest in high-tier races. As cars are expensive and you might run short on some Credits, don’t feel pity to sell some of your unused cars to fill up the gap in credits.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to sell cars in Forza Motorsport.

How to Sell Cars in Forza Motorsport

Selling Cars is one of the features that Forza Horizon players might not know and if players are trying out Forza Motorsport for the first time, they might skip this feature and face a hard time keeping up the credits for their favorite car. However, they can learn to sell the car in Forza Motorsport because it is as easy as buying the car.

To sell the cars that you don’t need for your career playthrough, multiplayer, or Rivals mode, simply go to your Cars section and select the car. It will open the car menu from where you can tune or upgrade the car and the same menu has the option to sell the car. Go down through the available options and select the Sell option to open the Sell menu from where you need to select the Sell Car option to successfully sell the car.

Cars in Forza Motorsport are often sold at half price of the full price. It does not give you that much money but if you are selling the cars that you don’t drive or Level 1 cars that you got for free, then feel free to sell them to make extra money.

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