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Forza Motorsport: How to Upgrade Cars



Forza Motorsport - Upgrade Cars

Upgrading cars makes a huge difference on the tracks and if you are familiar with the Forza Motorsport then you would know how little maneuvers on corners can change the tide of the race. Well, it is the same in the new Forza Motorsport but the thing that is not the same as the previous installments is the Upgrade System. If you are a new player or coming back to the Forza Motorsport scene then you should understand the new upgrade system of Forza Motorsport.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to upgrade cars in Forza Motorsport.

How to Upgrade Cars in Forza Motorsport

The new upgrade system in Forza Motorsport does not allow upgrading the cars with the primary Credit currency instead, it uses the Car Points (CP) to upgrade the cars. CP is earned through leveling up the cars and each car you level up will have its own CP which you will use to upgrade the car. There is a comprehensive list of car upgrades available for each car but each upgrade requires a certain level and CP so, leveling up plays a crucial role in upgrading your favorite cars for the tracks.

Every car can be max leveled up to 50 and all the car upgrades require a car level of 1 – 50 with a certain number of CP. Each level gives a certain number of CP for that car which then can be utilized for its upgradation. As you further level up the car and unlock more efficient parts of the same category, you can uninstall the upgrades to gain the same number of CP back that you spent so there is no loss in investing CP in your car.

There are 8 different main components of the car from which you get to upgrade each car and each component has its subsequent upgrades.

  • Fuel and Air
  • Engine
  • Platform and Handling
  • Tires
  • Wheels
  • Drivetrain
  • Aero and Appearance
  • Conversion

As there are several upgrades for every car, it can be difficult to conclude which might be the best upgrade for your car at the starting levels but if you are struggling with the decision making then you should utilize the Quick Upgrade feature. The quick Upgrade feature will allow you to auto-apply the best available upgrades to your car without letting you search throughout the upgrade shop.

Press the X Button to use the Quick Upgrade feature and confirm the changes to apply the upgrades to your car. After that, you can start working on the tuning to make it more responsive and fast on the track.

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