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Forza Motorsport: How to Manage Fuel & Why is it Important



Forza Motorsport - Fuel Management

New Forza Motorsport is out now providing various features and components managing options to outperform other drivers on the track. Whether it is a Single-player, multiplayer, or Rivals mode, you should learn to manage your vehicle according to the track to gain advantages as even minor advantages can help you get the best time lap. One of the first car management that a lot of players will overlook is fuel management which can certainly help you drive a bit faster and can help you cross the finish line first.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to manage fuel and why is important in Forza Motorsport.

How to Manage Fuel & Why is it Important in Forza Motorsport

Fuel management is one of the essential modifications that you can do at the start of each race to gain extra acceleration speed for your car. Players will overlook it because fuel is necessary for completing all of the laps but at default, the game throws you twice or even more fuel to your car tanks which can increase the weight of your car impacting the acceleration speed. However, players can change this by lowering the quantity of the fuel and setting it to the required fuel for all the required laps of the race.

Usually, the races in Forza Motorsport in Single-player and Rivals mode are between 5 – 10 laps. To manage the fuel, go to the pause menu before setting off to qualify and select the Car option. From there, select the “Fuel & Tire” option. In the Fuel & Tire menu, you will see the total number of laps in the race and the number of laps your car can achieve with the amount of fuel on the right side. You need to decrease or increase the Fuel Load of your car by adjusting the bar and as you change the bar, the Fuel attribute of your car will change respectively.

Set the fuel load just a lap ahead of the actual lap needed for the race and you gain free car performance without getting into the main tuning of the car. Decreasing the Fuel Load does help you gain extra acceleration on the track and you can outmaneuver your opponents at the turns easily.

So, before starting the race with the default Fuel Load, make sure to check it every time and adjust it according to the race to gain some advantages for yourself in the race.

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