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Thief Simulator 2: How to Complete 109 Residence



Thief Simulator 2 - Complete 109 Residence

Completing the 109 Residence is one of the main missions for the story mode as we have to pay back half a million dollars to Lombardis so that he won’t kill us. Before we give back the money, he will give us the mission to complete 109 Residence in Madison St. by completing all missions and stealing all valuable items.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to complete 109 Residence in Thief Simulator 2.

How to Complete 109 Residence in Thief Simulator 2

To complete the 109 Residence in Madison Street, you will have to complete its 2 missions and steal 3 valuable items. You can find and accept the missions from the Hell Neighbor app and get to know all the information on residents, security protocols, and valuable loot from the RobTips app on the computer in the Hideout.

  • 109 Residence Missions
    • Smash Plates in the Kitchen.
    • Take a Photograph of the Shed.
  • 109 Residence Valuable Items
    • Coffee Machine in the Kitchen.
    • Valley Painting in the bedroom.
    • Super’ TV in the living room.

Once you have accepted the missions and bought all of the information on 109 House, go to the Parking Spot outside of Joe’s Pawnshop and pass the time until 16:00. Both Male and Female Residents will be out of the house from 16:00 – 18:00 so, you will have about 2 minutes of total time to complete all the missions and steal all the items. If you have Lockpicking Level 3 Skill, then this whole theft will be a lot easier but if not then, go to the right side of the house to find a creeper from which you can climb into the residence.

The house door has a level 2 lock so, you will be able to get inside the house by picking the level 2 lock. Once inside, equip the crowbar and destroy plates in the kitchen. Grab the coffee machine from the kitchen and then start taking out the Super TV and Valley Painting outside of the house. Now, go to the back garden by picking its lock as well and take a picture of the Shed to complete all the missions of 109.

If you come from the main gate then you can simply take both of the heavy items to your car one by one, if not, then throw the painting and TV over the wall from where you climbed. Go back to the back garden and jump on the boxes and then on the shed to jump out of the residence. Make your way to the creeper to find the items you threw and take them one by one to your car.

After getting all the items and completing all the missions, go back to your hideout to complete the 109 Residence mission for Lombardis.

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