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Thief Simulator 2: How to Pick Level 2 Locks



Thief Simulator 2 - Pick Level 2 Locks

Thief Simulator 2 has several burglary and theft mechanics that players will get to learn as they progress through the main story or figure out by themselves in the free mode. One of the main and most useful mechanics which is used for both burglary and theft is Lockpicking. Lockpicking allows you to enter houses without breaking the front door to minimize the sound which lowers the chances of getting caught. However, there are three different levels of locks in Thief Simulator 2, and most of the houses, chests, and safes have level 2 locks.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to pick level 2 locks in Thief Simulator 2.

How to Pick Level 2 Locks in Thief Simulator 2

To pick level 2 locks in Thief Simulator 2, you will first have to unlock the Lockpicking Skill (Level 2) and acquire the Lockpicking Tool with a number of Lockpicks. Without the Lockpicking Skill, Lockpicking Tool, and Lockpicks, you cannot pick locks of any kind. You will be able to unlock the Lockpicking Skill (Level 2) at Level 5 for 1 Skill Point. Loot items from the houses to earn XP to level up and once you have reached Level 5, learn the Lockpicking Skill. After learning the skill, buy the Lockpicking Tool either from the computer or from your phone.

Buying the Lockpicking Tool and Lockpicks from the computer will cost you less than buying it from the phone. If you are away from your hideout and you instantly want the lockpicking tool then you can use the phone. Press the Up arrows key to equip the phone and then select the Quick Buy app to purchase the Lockpicking Tool. Once you have all the required necessities for picking locks, follow the following steps to pick level 2 locks in Thief Simulator 2.

  • Go near the locked door/safe/chest and press the E button to begin the lockpicking.
  • Level 2 lock has four different pins that you need to lock at the bottom of the ratchet using the Lockpicks. Press the S Button to push down the pin and when it reaches the bottom, press the LMB to lock it. If the pin does not reach the bottom, hit it again by pressing the S button. If you try to lock the pin when it is not at the bottom, it will break the lockpick.
  • Once the first pin is locked, press the D Button to move the lockpick to the next pin and repeat the same steps.
  • Locking all 4 pins of the lock at the bottom of the ratchet will open the lock successfully.

Lockpicking of Level 2 locks is different than regular Level 1 locks and it is necessary to learn the mechanics of unlocking the Level 2 locks to enter the areas and loot chests.

That is all related to how to pick level 2 locks in Thief Simulator 2.

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