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GameStop Starts Opening Some Stores In Germany, the States of South Carolina & Georgia, Austria, and Italy



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According to GameStop, they have decided to re-open some stores in the States of South Carolina and Georgia, Italy, Austria, and Germany. It was confirmed by the officials.

GameStop also announces to cut executive salaries by up to 50%. On April 21, GameStop provided Business Update Related to COVID-19.

Furthermore, the company took the following actions in response to the Coronavirus pandemic:

  • A temporary salary reduction of 50% for George Sherman, 30% for Jim Bell, Chief Financial Officer, and the remainder of the executive leadership team.
  • The Board of Directors has temporarily reduced cash compensation to directors by 50%.
  • Beginning April 26th, certain other employees across the company’s worldwide operating units will receive temporarily reduced pay of between 10% and 30%.
  • Offered certain of the company’s corporate support staff the option to either a temporary furlough or reduced workweek/reduced pay program.

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