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God of War Ragnarok: How to Get Lunda’s Lost Armor Set



God of War Ragnarok: How to Get Lunda’s Lost Armor Set

God of War Ragnarok has dozens of Armor Sets in the game and you can get them by progressing through the story, completing Trials, finding hidden materials, and completing side quests of NPCs. One of the Armor Set that you can get in the game is Lunda’s Lost Armor.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Lunda’s Lost Armor in God of War Ragnarok.

Meeting Lunda

After you’ve got Freya with you, you need to play through the story and when you reach the first camp, you’ll meet Brok and then you’ll get the option to upgrade items or complete a side quest. You need to select the side quest option and you’ll meet Lunda. Lunda will give you a Side Quest named “A Mysterious Orb” in which you have to get the Orb for Lunda. She’ll also tell you about her lost armor that she forged and she’ll tell you if you found the armor set then she’ll repair it back to us free of charge.

Getting All Three Pieces of Armor

You need to find all three pieces of the Armor Set to fully utilize its strength and power. There are three Armor Pieces that you need to find and they are the following.

Lunda’s Broken Belt

From where you started the quest, get on the boat and move forward and then turn right. Dock on the beach to reach Cliffside Ruins area. Now go ahead towards the burning torch in front and climb up the wall. Go ahead and there’ll be a red chest on the right side but be careful because there’ll be poisonous Spores. Break the spores and then interact with the chest to find Lunda’s Broken Belt Armor Piece.

Before you get to the next Armor Piece location, get on the broken bridges and use Freya’s Arrows to break free the chain on the top left side of the bridge. Go up the chain and interact with the wheel to lower the rocks in the lake.

Lunda’s Broken Bracers

For the next Armor Set, go to the Noatun’s Garden area and interact with Astrid who is a ghost that’ll appear when you dock at Noatun’s Garden. After that, you need to turn and in front of you will be a door same as the Valkyrie doors. Open the door with the Crystal and there’ll be a red chest inside that door. Open the Chest to find Lunda’s Broken Bracers Armor Piece.

Now, you need to head to the Veil Passage where you’ll find the Mysterious Orb which is the key item required to complete the side quest of Lunda.

Lunda’s Broken Cuirass

From the point where you found the Mysterious Orb, you need to get on the boat and follow the river to the right side and dock on the next beach. You’ll see a red chest on the beach. Open the red chest to obtain the Lunda’s Broken Cuirass Armor Piece.

After gathering all the Armor pieces and obtaining the Mysterious Orb, return back to Lunda to complete the side quest and you’ll be able to craft Lunda’s Lost Armor Set. Interact with the Workbench and go into the Armor’s Tab and craft all Armor Pieces one by one. By equipping the Armor, Kratos will deal more damage against Poisoned enemies. The more Armor Pieces you equip, the more damage you will deal.

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