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God of War Ragnarok: How to Use Flame Whiplash



God of War Ragnarok: How to Use Flame Whiplash

God of War Ragnarok has different elemental weapons. The primary weapon is the Leviathan Axe which is the Frost elemental weapon and the other weapon is Blades of Chaos which is the Fire elemental weapon. Both of these weapons have their own abilities and use in combat. One of the most useful attacks is Flame Whiplash which can be done with the Blades of Chaos in combat.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to use the Flame Whiplash skill in God of War Ragnarok.

Flame Whiplash

The players who had followed through the God of War series will know that the main weapon of Kratos is Blades of Chaos but he chooses to abandon those weapons when he comes to Midgard. In the new God of War game, Kratos’s primary weapon is the Leviathan Axe which was her wife’s and he has taken her Axe after she passed away. However, through the events of God of War (2018), Kratos will get back his Blades of Chaos and will use it on the enemies, and in the God of War Ragnarok, this weapon has an amazing ability to unleash its full potential.

When you get to play with the Blades of Chaos, just after an hour into the game, you’ll get a small dialogue box on the side, telling you about the Flame Whiplash. Flame Whiplash is Blades of Chaos’ ability that enhances its Elemental power. Since the Elemental Power of Blades of Chaos is Fire, you’ll be able to increase the damage output of fire with Blades of Chaos.

You can activate Flame Whiplash by mashing down the Triangle Button and Kratos will swing the Blade with the chain and charge it up with the fire. Don’t stop pressing the Triangle button because you can land a follow-up attack as the Blades of Chaos is charged up. Once the Blades are charged, you can press the R1 or R2 button to land a Follow-up attack on the enemy. The landed attacks with the charged Blades will set enemies on fire and will do more damage than the regular hits. It’s a great way to start off the fight with the enemies to deal maximum damage with the hits and put them on fire.

As you progress further in the game, you get to find the Chaos Flame from the chests or defeat the enemies. The Chaos Flame is used to increase the strength of Blades of Chaos and as you upgrade the weapon, the ability to enhance the Elemental Power will also increase. So, upgraded Blades of Chaos will deal more damage to the enemies and the status effect of fire will stay longer on the blades to hit many enemies as you can in the fights. You can upgrade the Blades of Chaos up to 10 times and every time the Flame Whiplash ability will also increase and will give you an advantage in the fight whenever you use it.

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