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Granblue Fantasy: Relink – Chapter 1: The Western Frontier Walkthrough



Granblue Fantasy: Relink - Chapter 1 The Western Frontier

In this guide, we’ll cover Chapter 1: The Western Frontier of Granblue Fantasy: Relink.

Chapter 1: The Western Frontier Walkthrough

Sundappled Grove

After the events taken in the Prologue of the game, you will regain control of the leader of the Skyfaring Crew in Sundappled Grove. Go to the right side towards the ledge to find the first Wee Pincer, a rare crab that is hard to find. Now, make your way towards the objective point to reach a blocked path with vines. Use your attacks to break open the path and start looking for Lyria. Continue ahead on the path and clear it with vines to find Lyria surrounded by Timber Wolves.

Defeat the Timber Wolves in the area by locking on to them and using your attacks. Upon defeating the wolves, continue ahead to find a way out of the forest. As you progress ahead on the path, more wolves and Hornbirds will show up so defeat them to continue ahead. Keep following the objective point to reach a path blocked by a giant rock.

Use your power strikes and attacks to clear the path and continue ahead to encounter Quakadile, the first boss fight. Quakadile is an easy boss and also acts as a tutorial boss through which the game will walk you by explaining various tutorials on the Overdrive mode of the boss and using Link Attacks. Keep focus on dealing damage to the boss and follow the tutorials to defeat the boss.

During the boss fight more of your crew members will join in which will allow you to use Skybound Arts, a devastating attack. Once all the characters have reunited, continue ahead to find the nearest town. As you go along the path leading to the town, a brief cutscene will play entering you to a town named Folca.

Folca, Frontier Town

Upon reaching Folca, start exploring the city and go down the street to meet with Sierokarte, a friendly trader who can hook you up with Fortitude Shards which are used for upgrading weapons. Speak with Sieokarte and trade Rafale Coins for Fortitude Shards. She will assist you in talking to a friendly Blacksmith named Gruff. Speak with Gruff and upgrade the weapon of Captain using Fortitude Shards with 200 Rupies Upgrade Cost.

After upgrading your weapon for the first time, several objective markers will be marked on the compass requiring you to talk to crew members around the town.

  • Speak with Katalina
  • Speak with Rackham
  • Speak with Io
  • Speak with Eugen
  • Speak with Rosetta

Speaking with Katalina will give you a tutorial on using the Mastery Points (MSP) to unlock new Offensive and Defensive Skills for the characters. You can choose among any character that you wish to Mastery Points on to teach them new skills for future battles.

Upon talking to all the crew members, head to the staircase leading to the church and press the respective button to wait for your allies. Go through the cutscene and talk to Rolan. After a few moments, a Trembling Man will come to church to inform about a tornado. Follow Rolan and talk to him to get a tutorial on Party Formation as well as unlock the Quest Counter.

After forming your party with four selected characters, speak with Rolan to board the ship which will conclude the first chapter.

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