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Granblue Fantasy: Relink – Review



Granblue Fantasy Relink - Review

Granblue Fantasy: Relink is an Action-Adventure Role-Playing game developed by Cygames. It is directly a spin-off of the Cygames’ infamous Granblue Fantasy franchise on mobile devices. However, back in 2016, Cygames announced Relink for consoles letting their community expand to new heights. Eight years since the announcement, Granblue Fantasy: Relink is officially out now and allowing players to dive into an immersive experience in a fantasy world.


Granblue Fantasy: Relink is set in the same world as the original game of the franchise, Granblue Fantasy. It is a Sky Realm where the islands of various sizes and shapes float in the air and the traversal to farther islands is done on pirate ships which also happen to fly in the air. The Story of Granblue Fantasy: Relink is based on a Skyfaring Crew heading toward a mysterious island named Estalucia that happens to be located at the end of all the islands in the Sky Realm.

Estalucia Island holds the power to fulfill any wish and as the crew traverses on the journey to the island, they will crash down into the Zegagrande Skydom region. The islands in that region are guarded by creatures known as Primal Beasts that players will get to engage with throughout the journey. Additionally, players will run into some characters belonging to a well-known secretive organization Church of Avia which is not friendly and causes a lot of trouble along the journey.


You get to play as Gran (male protagonist) or Djeeta (female protagonist), who is the captain of the Skyfaring Crew which includes several characters along with a mysterious girl with powerful powers named Lyria and a little flying dragon named Vyrn. The main highlights from all of the characters are the main protagonist and the girl, Lyria whereas, the other characters are just there to fill in the story which can be a bit of a letdown for players who truly want to learn more about the characters.

However, the game does offer an immaculate feature of such desires as ‘Fate Episodes’ which will allow players to play the episodes of each character to both level them up and get to know more about them. The actual gameplay of Granblue Fantasy: Relink offers real-time combat with a party of up to four characters. You can choose any four characters among twenty different playable characters that players will get to unlock throughout the main story.

Speaking of the Story, there are twelve chapters included in the main campaign which includes nine chapters of the main story along with Prologue, Final Chapter, and Chapter Zero. Throughout the main story, you will get to visit various towns in which you will get to meet various characters who will offer respective services that will help you in the journey. For instance, one of the returning characters from Granblue Fantasy is Seirokarte who will trade various useful upgrade materials used for enhancing the weapons of the characters.

The story missions of the game are pretty decent and have decent writing for the characters who will keep you engaged with the main objective. Apart from the main objectives while pursuing the story, exploring the world can reward you with great materials and collectibles. However, each story mission ends up with the same sequence, a boss fight at the end which can be justified in such games.

The combat in Granblue Fantasy: Relink is pure action and it is super responsive which makes it even more enjoyable. Every character has a unique basic attack with up to four different skills that can be set up for every character which allow you to deal a certain elemental effect damage on the enemies. As you strike critical hits on the enemies and deal more damage to them, you will be able to pursue a Link Attack on them either with a single character or all four characters combined which deals an immense amount of damage to enemies and is highly useful in boss battles.

Furthermore, all of the characters have a separate gauge meter known as Skybound Arts Gauge which allows characters to unleash a powerful attack known as Skybound Arts. This attack can also be unleashed separately by the characters as well as together and players have the freedom to customize this setting during the gameplay. Pursuing this attack together will unleash a chain burst, the strongest attack in the game which gets gradually stronger as the characters level up.

A lot of the end-game fights and boss fight encounters will test your movement and dodging which is where the responsiveness of the game shines the brightest. Dodging the heavy attacks of the enemies is crucial for survival in the fights and the game lets you dodge the attack even when you are in the middle of your attack.

One of the other main features of the game is the Quest Counter which allows you to pursue various kinds of side quests and end-game content for leveling up your characters and maximizing their potential. The Quest Counter unlocks at the end of the first chapter providing you with side quests and access to available Fate Episodes that players can choose to pursue while progressing in the main story.

Sound and Visuals

The visuals of Granblue Fantasy: Relink are pure classic and enhanced, and anybody who has ever played the original Granblue Fantasy game before will agree and understand. Design of the enemies and characters, world, sound design, voice acting, and pre-rendered animations are all top-notch which greatly enhances the overall experience of the game.

Verdict – Score 8/10

Granblue Fantasy: Relink is an excellent action role-playing game that came out recently. It has all the various aspects of a role-playing game and does an amazing job of providing new players with all the introduction to gameplay features to make them acquainted with the system. Since it is a new original story from the original world of the Granblue Fantasy franchise, it is not necessary to know about the original game to enjoy this one to the fullest.

Granblue Fantasy: Relink is now available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Windows.

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