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Gwent Rogue Mage: Battle’s Mechanics



Gwent Rogue Mage

You’ll battle different monsters in Gwent Rogue Mage through a deck-building mechanic. There are different cards in the game that have certain powers. You have to use them to defeat the monsters and bosses of the game.

In this guide, we’ll tell you the basic mechanics of battle in Gwent Rogue Mage.

Battle’s Mechanics

In Gwent Rogue Mage, the combat is turn-based and you can play only one card from your hand per turn. You can only end your turn once you have played a card from your hand and clicked on the coin to pass. Each player can only draw one card per turn. The counter in the up right corner and bottom right corner will show how many more cards can be drawn in the match. The limits of the cards that can be drawn are different in all the matches. It is very likely that you’ll not draw all your cards in one single match.

The battle will only finish once both players have passed. They will be forced to pass when there are no more cards left in their hand and when there are no further actions that can be taken by the players. In order to win, you must have more points than your opponent on your side of the board. Once per turn, you can also spend energy from your leader in order to play a spell. You’ll need to click on Alzur in order to play the spell and then you’ll see different spells on the screen. Select the most appropriate spell for the turn. Once you have selected the spell, the board will highlight and then you need to click on the board to play the spell.

Gwent Rogue Mage: Battle’s Mechanics

Order abilities can also be clicked if they are available on a card. The order abilities are of different types and you can use them in your match to get certain advantages. For example. With Lylianna, you can replay a spell that you used with your leader’s ability. You can only do this once per game. You can use the leader’s ability to play the spell but it will cost some amount of energy and the standard fights don’t even require you to use the spell because they are easier to defeat. You’ll be needing the energy when you’ll fight the different bosses. Because bosses or elite enemies are harder than the normal monsters and you’ll have to use the spell at the appropriate moment of the turn. So, you’ll probably want to save your leader’s energy for the bigger fights.

There are also armored cards that will allow you to take more damage in the fight. These cards will not lose their actual power until the armor is worn off. The armor will take the damage and the number on the shield will decrease. After the shield is worn off, that character card will start to lose power as enemy cards attack. Try to play with a strategy according to the number of turns you have and at least play a character card that has armor on it to consume the attack and deal damage to the enemy’s cards with your other cards.

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