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Gwent Rogue Mage: How to change Heroes Trading cards



Gwent Rogue Mage: How to change Heroes Trading cards

Gwent is one of the famous trading card games from The Witcher universe. It has been featured in Witcher games as well. The company behind Witcher, CD Projekt released Gwent as a stand-alone game a few years back. It has grown ever since in popularity.

Gwent Rogue Mage is the newest update to the Gwent. You will get an option to exchange your card before a game of Gwent Rogue Mage starts. This is an old mechanic to the game as well. You will get a starting deck of five cards. There are also two change points you can use to make changes to your five cards deck. In Gwent Rogue Mage, the combat will be turn-based, players can play one card from their hand per turn. You will select a card use it and then the turn shift towards the other player and so on. Also, you can only draw one card per turn and there is a counter of blue and red showing how many cards both players can draw in the whole match.

Changing Heroes Trading Cards

Before the start of the match, you will have an idea to look at your cards. You can look at the cards you think are not that important at the start of the match and exchange them for Heroes that will be helpful at the start of the match.

At the beginning of the match if you get power-up cards that increase the power of other cards try to exchange them. Secondly, if you get any special effects cards that are only helpful in the end match. You will not be needing special effects cards at the beginning of the match.

Good Cards for beginning

At the beginning of the match, you have to choose the cards that will be most effective to giving your opponent a good amount of damage or help you in resisting the damage. So, at the start of the battle, you’ve to go for the cards and exchange for the cards that are defensive cards and the attack cards. These cards will help you in attacking and defending your strategy. Support cards can also be useful if you’ve got them in the game and you use them in the arena. At the beginning of the game even if you exchange any cards there is a big chance that you will also get that card when you’re drawing cards later in the game.

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