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Gwent Rogue Mage: How to Improve Deck



Gwent Rogue Mage: How to Improve Deck

Gwent Rogue mage is a deck-building game in which you fight your enemies by playing cards and defeat them by getting more points on your side of the deck. Once you are out of the Prologue of the game, you’ll be able to select the map or continue the game in the menu along with checking your deck cards.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to improve your deck.

Improving Deck

The deck consists of all the cards that you hold in the game and you’ll be able to change or upgrade the cards to improve your current deck. After every match, you’ll get the option to add the card to the deck or reduce the card from the deck. There’ll be 3 reverted cards pop up on the screen and you have to make a decision. It is a blind decision but you have to strategize about it. If you have the same card twice then there is a chance that you can reduce it when you can click on the reduce option. If you have different cards and want to have an extra card on your deck then you can select the add the card to your deck option.

The cards that you get after the match can be upgraded as well. The upgraded cards have more power and more bonuses. All the cards that you add to your deck will have the ability to be upgraded by defeating the Elite enemies. The Elite enemies are the bosses on the maps. These enemies are harder to defeat but they will give the option to upgrade the card to get more bonuses on the card or upgrade the character.

Improving Deck

Removing cards from the deck and then adding the higher-level cards to the deck also make a huge impact on the deck. Getting certain bonuses and high power for the cards will let you gain more points in the match than your opponent. The level of upgrade is symbolized by the following colors.

  • White
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Gold

The white upgrade is for the white cards. Upgrading the white cards will add more power to them. The Blue upgrade is for the blue cards and you can increase the bonuses of the blue cards with the upgrade. The purple upgrade is for the purple cards and their bonuses can be increased with the upgrade. The Gold upgrade is for the gold cards and their great bonuses can be further increased. The gold cards are also used to apply bonuses on the cards.

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