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Gwent Rogue Mage: Cards Guide



Gwent Rogue Mage: Cards Guide

Cards are the main resource of the game which you use in the battles to defeat the monsters. You’ll make your deck stronger by getting more rare cards with additional boosts. As you progress through the game and clear different maps, you’ll earn more cards and add them to your deck.

In this guide, we tell you how to get the Cards and types of cards.

How to Get Cards

You’ll start off the game with a few cards in your deck and you’ll complete the prologue of the game by those cards and then you’ll get some additional cards. You’ll unlock Alzur’s lab in which you can check treasures, your deck, map, etc. To get the new cards, you’ll have to defeat the monsters and after each battle you’ve won, you’ll get a card of random rarity.

In the map of your run, you’ll see Boss Fights as well. Bosses are the Elite monsters of that map and defeating them will reward you with more rare cards or even upgrading a card from your deck. The boss fights are harder than the casual fights with the monsters so, the reward is also higher. In your run, you’ll also find events and treasures. Events and Treasures will add more cards to your deck. Events can sometimes not be in your favor and you can lose some points of your energy but most of the time, events can get you more cards or some energy points.

With all the cards that you get, you can upgrade them by defeating an Elite enemy. After defeating a boss in a battle, you’ll get the point to upgrade the card or upgrade the power of your character. You can make your cards stronger by upgrading them and you’ll be able to gain more points in the battle easily. As you increase your character’s level, you’ll get more cards out of the treasure chests.

Types of Cards

Cards are of a different rarity in Gwent Rogue Mage. You’ll get a different rarity of cards when you defeat the monsters in the battles. The cards are divided into four types.

  • Gray
  • Blue
  • Violet
  • Golden

The Gray cards are the standard cards with no additional boosts. These cards are mostly obtained by defeating the common monsters at an early level of the game. The Blue and Violet cards have small bonuses to them. They can be used to apply bonuses to other cards as well. The Golden cards have great bonuses and you can use them to increase the power of your cards. All these cards can be upgraded and it will increase the power of these cards further.

These cards will return to their normal state after the battle. All the bonuses applied on the cards will be removed and returned to their normal power. You’ll also get an additional card after the battle and all the cards will be added to your deck for the next battle.

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