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Gwent Rogue Mage: Card’s Armor



Gwent Rogue Mage: Card’s Armor

Cards are the main resource of the game which you use in the battles to defeat the monsters. You’ll make your deck stronger by getting more rare cards with additional boosts. As you progress through the game and clear different maps, you’ll earn more cards and add them to your deck.

In this guide, we tell you how the card’s armor works.

Card’s Armor

The armor on the cards will allow you to take more damage. When the enemy’s cards attacks, they will take away the health of your character. You’ll have some cards that have a shield symbol on them with a number. The number will show how many attacks this card can block until you take the actual damage from the enemy. These cards are of different characters that can boost your standard cards.

These cards will not lose their actual power until the armor is worn off. The armor will take the damage and the number on the shield will decrease. After the shield is worn off, that character card will start to lose power as enemy cards attack. As the cards have different bonuses, you’ll face some monsters that have a bleed effect on their cards. The armor will not work properly against the bleed effect cards. The bleed effect cards will decrease the power of your character by 1 point on each turn.

Gwent Rogue Mage: Card’s Armor

You’ll have these armored cards from the start of the game and you can find them in different treasure chests throughout the map. These characters have certain bonuses that you can apply to your other cards on the board. The golden cards have also the ability to provide extra armor to character cards. The increased armor will help you take more damage and you can easily increase your points in the battle by dealing more damage to the enemy with your cards.

The special cards like the Dragon’s Tear will allow you to give additional 2 points of armor to the character cards. If you have multiple character cards in your deck then you can put them on board and grant them additional armor to consume more attacks and deal more damage with boosted cards.

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