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Have a Nice Death – How to Use Cloak and Spells Attacks



Cloak Attacks

Have a Nice Death is a Roguelike game in which you have to take everything in notice because losing in these types of game will lose you all of your progress in the game. When you start the Have a Nice Death game, you will start a run and if you die during the run, you will lose the progress and items that you have obtained so, that is why you need to take in notice all of the attacks that you r character can do. Other than the primary Scythe attacks, you also have Cloak and Spells attacks that you need to use as they can make a lot of difference in the fights.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to use Cloak and Spell Attacks in Have a Nice Death.

Using Cloak Attacks

Cloak Attacks is basically your secondary attack that can be done via different weapons that you will obtain throughout your run. These weapons are of different rarity and they go from Gray (Lowest Rarity) to Golden/Legendary (Highest Rarity). All of these weapons deal significantly more damage depending upon the rarity.

All of the weapons have a cooldown limit so, you will have to wait for the attack to recharge to use it again. However, you can use the Cloak attacks by pressing the Right-Click (PC), Y Button (XBOX), and the Triangle Button (PlayStation) to deal damage as well as inflict an effect if the weapon contains one. It can change your attack style significantly and can help you win the fights.

Using Spells

Spells is another one of your character attacks and they are classified as the Tertiary Attacks in the game. You will learn different types of Spells by clearing out the enemies in the biomes. The Spells are also of different rarity and they have the same rarities as the Cloak Weapons. You will get Gray Spells to all the way to Golden/Legendary Spells.

However, Spells are a bit different to the Cloak Attacks because they do not have any cooldown but they do consume a significant amount of Mana. Mana is the green bar under your character’s Health Bar. Whenever you use the Spell on an enemy or in the environment, it will use the Mana and you will have to wait for a few moments until your Mana Bar refills again.


To use the Spells you will have to press the Middle Mouse Button (PC), B Button (XBOX), and the Circle Button (PlayStation) and then it will cast an effect on the enemies. There are also some useful spells that can help your character in healing. So, if you are low on HP then use the healing spells during the combat to increase the chances of survival.

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