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Have a Nice Death – How to Heal



Have a Nice Death

Have a Nice Death is a Roguelike game and Healing is one of the most important mechanic in the game because it will allow you to stay alive for a long run. If you die during the run, you will lose your progress and you will have to start over from the biomes and take down the enemies and bosses again. So, in order to stay alive during the run, you need to learn the healing mechanics.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to heal in Have a Nice Death.

Healing Mechanics

You will play as the Death in Have a Nice Death game and you will have to take down the Sorrows in different departments to progress ahead in the game. As you fight the enemies and Sorrow Bosses, it is most likely that you will take some damage from the enemies and there are two types of damage. You will either get an injury or a permanent loss to your health.

The Injury is denoted with Gray Color in your Health Bar and the Permanent Loss is denoted with Black Color in your Health bar. Now, the Gray Part in your Health Bar is regeneratable with specific healing items but these items will not heal the Black Part in your Health Bar. For the Black Part, you will must have an item that can do the Pure Healing.

Blue and Yellow Anima

There are two types of Healing Items in Have a Nice Death. These items are the Anima and it has two different types, Blue Anima and Yellow Anima. The Blue Anima is the regular type of Anima that will assist you in healing your character’s Injuries. Meaning, by using the Blue Anima, all the Gray Part in your Health Bar will be regenerated. If you have obtained the blue Anima, it will be shown in the slots of Anima which are shown above your Health Bar. Press the E Button (PC) to consume the Blue Anima.


The Yellow Anima is a stronger Anima that can only be obtained by killing the enemies or locating the hidden areas in the biomes. The Yellow Anima has the ability to regenerate the Black Part in your Health Bar. It is super effective when you are about to fight a major boss of the game. Keeping a Yellow Anima in one of the slots would be super effective and it will regenerate your health completely and will give you the chance to survive longer in the run.

Spells and Curses

There are also other ways to heal your character in Have a Nice Death. You will unlock specific spells and curses throughout your run that can heal your character’s injuries. You will be able to use the spells during the fight to continuously heal but it will cost Mana (Green Bar). You can also select the Blue Curses to gain extra HP or get an effect of continuously healing throughout the run. So, keep an eye out for the Spells and Curses as well.

You will also find specific food items in the refrigerator after defeating a major in a biome. Taking these food items will also heal your character’s injury so, make sure to loot the refrigerator after a boss fight.

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